Proof of Canadian Status

a post about the weather

climate changes

On the outing with my Mom on Friday, I was telling a story from the cruise that I took to Alaska in August 2011.

In the evening, after the skeptic conference, I was in the bar.

I met a retired couple.

He had been a television weatherman.

They are not scientists. They are television performers.

Weather is not climate.

Weather is a temporary local condition that is determined by larger regional factors. That’s the science part that they do not understand.

Anyway, predictably, he was a climate denier and his wife was a go alonger.

So I did a few of the speaking points from the conference, because they were nice and jargony and it’s easier to use other people’s words when you have lost the ability to speak yourself.

Anyway, I was talking with him, but to her.

He was a friendly and funny guy so it was fun to play with someone I disagreed with on many fundamental values.

So I joked to him. “So basically, the earth will last long enough for you, eh?” in a friendly tone and  a smile on my face.

“Yes!” He burst out laughing.

He didn’t see his wife’s face this whole conversation.


and then

she hit him

more than playful but less than a criminal assault

of course the most important realization that I had on that cruise

was that I could just as easily been on that panel

but it was a lot funner to upstage Micheal Shermer from the penny seats

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