The third dimension


Movies were original black and white. Then sound was added and then colour.

In the 1950s, smell o vision and 3D were short lived fads.

Nina in classic 3 d glasses

better than movies with the poorly done effects for the most part.. .seriously I am flashing on SCTV’s horror monster theatre of waving things closer to the camera.

Anyway, I have a lot of these because of comic books a way better 3D medium than movies.


Nina Red Nina Blue


Nina red bllue Nina blue red


more recent 3 d movies don’t rely on the blue red, but a polarizing effect. these Buddy Holly looking ones were the second batch when they ran out of the harry potter ones for the last movie or the second to last. part 1 of the last I suppose..

Nina polarized 3d glasses


anyway, I tried out the new Sony 3D for home system and could barely stand the resolution and colour for more than a few seconds. Migraines prevent use.


but more than that, it makes me wonder


when I was a kid in the 1970s, we had a black and white tv set

so I grew up with the ability to convert in my head between the two, I fairly accurately convert the grey tones to colour. or I used to, not having watched much black and white



how we see depends a lot on what we are exposed to

and what we understand

depends on how it’s contextualized

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