Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 25, 2014

Trying to restore my project management skills. Indecision lost in ever changing parameters and conditions.

So far, there’s been 4 house showings and one offer declined.

I did a carload down to storage.

I am still emotionally packing rather than logically.

But I have decided to store two of the three categories of items.

  1. What I know I want to keep
  2. What I think I will probably want to, and
  3. get rid of anything that upsets, repulses or disinterests me.

I am feeling like the 40 year old virgin with respect to my collectibles, but they are what I most want to touch.

It’s the things from the life I had planned and now am not having that trouble me.

the inability to future plan beyond the next day or specific span of days

that project management skillset causing distress and nausea


I gave myself a crash day yesterday

so when my Mom called and asked if I wanted to do a storage run trip

I was almost able to explain that I can’t make decisions

I need her to tell me to

so I took her suggestion as motivation to decide to


Yay me

I made a decision

then I just packed what I could take as is from the garage and BBQ area, some artwork and some Elvis books.

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