Don’t Shine on Me


I was talking to my Mom about medical marijuana and I was shocked to learn that people think there’s not a lot of research.

I wrote a paper in 1980 from a 1970s Canadian Federal Government report that had already identified pot as a medical treatment for any physical pain ailments.

Not to mention, thousands of years spanning multiple cultures of use as medicine or ceremonial sacred herbs.

I remember a teacher saying that marijuana is such a hardy plant that if someone flew over Canada with a plane full of pot seeds, like a modern day Johnny Marijuana Seed, it would be just everywhere and legalization would be inevitable.

I think that given the rampant use of pharma tranquillizers, depression and pyschotic medications that everyone needs to puff puff pass seriously. Just mellow with some healthy good and get your sense of humour back.

That’s why no one can cope anymore. No way to tell what’s sincere or parody. and reality is so cognitively dissonantly gross that there’s no way to cope without being able to laugh some of the time

and all the current research about it helping with PTSD and depression that’s being done in America

and all the reverse cancer out of Italy

and the eliminate radiation from Japan

if there was every a earth version of the babble fish, it’s marijuna



gosh.. facebook bonus – update to the post

Susan Arum

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