in 46 years

I came out when I was 23 years old.

I never imagined marriage equality in my lifetime


but since I live in Canada


I can say I have been gay divorced for three years




I saw this on facebook

a possible real cure for aids, not just chronic illness management




how much time did we waste getting to this by blaming homosexuals in America,

when we all need to be grateful that they could afford health care to be diagnosed

– aids killed too slowly for it to be noticed with the faster killer viruses plaguing africa




this is why conservatives are the status quo to overcome for progress.



they seek to control private sexual matters and have CASUED all these deaths



much like the ignorance of Jenny McCarthy and other celebrities – not medical people




wade in and delay looking at what autism is



which is not vaccines





ignorance wastes time


and the cost is paid by other people







you are in America


the land of the lawsuit



welcome to the legal cost of actual personal and corporate responsibility





oh and for the whole world in that 46 years



the earth’s population has slightly more than doubled

so being one in a million ain’t all that


when there’s 7 billion plus people



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