Mensche Fail: Wiesel the Weasel

For a long time, the only people I could listen to were ones who I knew had been through something worse than me.


Combat Troops and Holocaust Survivors were the total list.


I have been a lifelong atheist and I read this book at my bleakest hours – Night


that a man who was in those camps and was a member of a group that was very nearly exterminated – who found the strength to hang on and stay sane and socially functional



would know call for the genocide of Palestinians




wtf and where can there be hope in that darkest of night?





Wiesel the Weasel

When I was 18 years old, I met 2 people who had been in those camps. my high school history class went to the conference at the University of British Columbia and I made a point of talking to them – and they wanted to meet me after I got up in front of 800 students to take the Catholic Church representative to task for not only the holocaust, but the crusades and spanish inquistion, and the slaughter of the Cathars and Knights Templar. as a bonus, I got to verbally swat the History Professor from UBC when he justified their crimes against humanity by saying they killed heretics. my question was “Why is the catholic church so intolerant of others?” the church rep shockingly, admitted the guilt and the wrong doing. something the church itself has never done

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