Pondering Thought

thoughts meander


dog daze


confession trio


That I was nervous about sharing that, demonstrated to me that what I need most is to talk about me.

and apparently

with me

so that’s a bit part of why I share what I share

my thoughts were totally disordered and my sub and conscious and creative minds – dreams and states – blood sugared is an altered state too – as is panic and terror modes

anyway – in intentionally stimulating a wider range and specific emotional journeys with movies and television

being able to correctly parse them – is what’s been allowing my return to reality

which, as I said, I have never been that attached to

as a writer

as a photographer

as a performer

as a creative person

I don’t interact like everyone else with reality

anyway, that’s a side bar

writing and dictatyping are 2 different skills

automatic writing is merely stream of consciousness

Virigina Woolf did it in purple ink

I can type as fast as I can think

I have been in a catatonic shock

doing my own facilitated communication

because I was a legal secretary

who learned how to dicta type

it’s partly how I can write a 3 day novel and screenplays quickly

I have lost my train of thought. I am playing Adele – I heard her for the first time last year and this is the first time I have played her in months.

her emotional tones were too overwhelming when I had higher levels of hypersensitivity.

ummm. got to go.

(Stephanie messaged me and said they would come to me!)


score me



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