Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Valentines 2014

Today was an eventful day that I fully engaged in.

My Aunt Olof broke a tooth on some Icelandic chocolates with krispies in it.

So I had to go and get her from a Christian operated facility then race to get my Mom and then across town to the dentist.

Part of my brain was able to relax, since it was all in the Surrey city limits.

I used to spend my weekends driving all over the lower mainland, except for Richmond, BC.

The dental staff explained that people more often than not, break teeth on soft foods – oddly bread was the most common food.

Anyway, the big event for me was standing up to a man who’d been an assjack parker.

He had parked illegally in the lane, blocking in 4 parked cars and hindering access to the handicapped spaces.

Fortunaely, my Saturn Vue was small enough and with a tight enough turn radius, only having to adjust once with backing up – I got into the space.

My Mom took Olof to the dentist, while I searched the vehicle for my Mom’s handicapped passcard.

I hadn’t found it when the Assjacker came out and said. “Oh, do you need out?”

I said, “Well that wasn’t really optimal parking, eh?”

He mumbled some lame ass excuse about unloading something and he got in the passenger side and started the truck as if that made a difference.

The driver guy came out and they left.

I struggle to talk retail encounters with sales clerks who can’t tell that I am nervous.

so I wasn’t going to get into anything with either of them.

especially since I couldn’t find the placard and I was parked in the handicapped zone.

so he moved and then I moved my car to the far end of the lot, because I knew I could walk that far and back to get the car to pick up my Mom and Aunt.

I was just pleased that I school teachered him.

So my Aunt got home and I talked to the nurse about her nutrition needs and to condition alert her about the event of the day.

because I needed a boost, I wore my RCMP pullover

so that probably helped a lot to keep that guy calm too

I worked administratively for the RCMP from 1999-2004

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