Lego at the Mall

Guildfor Mall vertical wall garden


Guildford Mall’s renos and addition of vertical gardens made for a fun experience yesterday.

Mostly because of the Lego Store

Lego Store

Sydney Opera House Lego


Lego by the pound


Lego Jabba Bardge


My Mom pointed out a display labelled Star Wars with three vehicles that I did not recognize.


There was a 20 something year old clerk by the display.


I said, “I don’t recognize those ships, so they must be from that bogus prequel trilogy. As a purist, I won’t watch them.”


The clerk smiled and said, “Me either.”


I grinned at him in his yellow apron and blue shirt and black turban.


“Han shot first!” I declared.

“Yes!” he cheered.


I high fived and he smacked his palm to mine.


I am pretty sure everyone laughed.


as the generation gap between those of us who saw Star Wars in the theatre


versus the ones who grew up watching on VHS or Beta, laser disc, DVD, Blu Ray, fan edit downloads and fan made films…..


I have a small treasure chest of lego

Nina and pirate lego



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