The Changing Climate

Climate change

that’s the other cause that I care about

and the third one is nuclear power

because there are better things to be talking about

than getting the rights that we are all supposed to have as a matter of course

just for being tax paying citizens of nations that are supposed to guarantee such things

and we need to stop this bickering with doomsday cults turn professional


who frankly all seemed determined to bring it about

byt buying politicans and owning the companies that produce the mass weapons of destruction in the first place

so why anyone would object to corporations who are beholden only to the stockholders

to be regulated and subject to not only oversight but also actually subject to laws

not subverting to the point where companies are no longer responsible for the safe use of their products

after all

given all the frivolous lawsuits that companies get because the consumer is too stupid to use the product correctly and safely that warning labels now read like legal contracts limiting liability

so why can’t the manufacturers of products, which, when actually used correctly, cause massive damage on an extinction level

be exempt from being sued?

they can hardly pretend they didn’t know their products are dangers

they do not have the benefit of public manipulation like the tobacco companies did for many years

not. just. saying, eh?


air and water


Water Scare pic

that’s where I got it – and that blogger is one that I enjoy reading and was really thrilled when he come to my original blog at

but that was a post on the Norway shooter

in any case, he explains the manipulation behind this kind of imagery very well

and while I agree with what he says. this image is still very instructive

because it’s actually become less of an issue of how much we pollute it

when the real story is who is controlling the water

the memes that I have seen about it being illegal to collect rainwater completely blow my mind… total gobsmackedness

you what actually separates humans from the other animals?

it’s not opposable thumbs or tool making or complex social structures

and it’s not even the ability to live in our own waste, like I used to think

it’s that we are the only animal dumb enough to think that we can own and control nature.

we’re the only ones dumb enough to pay for what nature provided and what we used to spent our time getting for ourselves. water and food

and for too many people in the world

they spend their days and nights

without enough or any at all

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