Facebook: cheaper than therapy

Grammar Test:


I stopped talking. In person, I talk to my video camera the most and then my dogs.

The strength of English is that one can butcher and mangle it and still be comprehensible and that is the difficulty in learning it as well.

Storytelling is an art and part of the consequences of the tools of any craft or trade becoming commonplace is a eventual erosion of the skill and demand.

When I first tried to communicate, it was on http://www.zoetrope.com, where I was known and knew people and could remember the site culture enough to almost act like me.

I got a group together to work on a project, but ultimately, it failed. Cat herding.

I rejoined facebook in Spring 2012 and the first people I could talk to where in Africa.

Because they were all gay men, social activists and used proper grammar.

Folks from commonwealth nations – UK (britian, ireland, scotland, Australia) and Canada were next.

the majority of people I interact with are Americans.

and they are the hardest people to talk to

partly because of their regionalisms, but more because they are the most obsessed with not exactly their opinion, but the forcing it on everyone else

no curiosity about anything outside themself or their country

no recognition that other people get to have other opinions and no consideration that said opinion is actually better informed, educated and arising out of experience

less about the content and more about the blunt force

zero sum is not civilization

to a mosaic

a melting pot

means glue

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