TV Role Models: Dick Solomon – 3rd Rock from the Sun

Planet Solomon Web 1


Remember the web 1.0 days when people did put their lives up for subscription?

web 2.0 was really about making that easier and more accessible to more people.

so, with that in mind, Dear Agoraphobic Diary

today I went out for almost 5 hours and this day August 21, 2013, is the first day that I can say I had fun in I really do not want to think about how many years.


Nina Vue


Heading off to get my Mom and we went to:


Soringman's Saab Aug 21 2013


IHOP coffee


Two EEs farm



a quick stop at home to let the dogs inside before the heat of the day

Home Pit Stop

then off to The Parental’s house to film the On Location Episodes of Aboraphobic Cul De Sac – Nina’s Garden Feature with the location being, my Mom’s garden.

One of the first posts that I got comments on my blog was the post about her Strawberry Spiral.


SHowing my dad the loaner

I am not a car fan particularly. I mean like them and I have fond memories of all the vehicles that I have driven.

But my Dad and his youngest brother are into cars.


In the late 70’s my Dad actually held up the car they were working on when it slipped off the jack until he realized his brother was not under it.

Seriously a Hulk moment or what, eh?


so Dad had to check out the loaner Jeep.


So here’s the Nina’s Garden segment on composting:



so eventually, Dick leaves the computer and goes out into the Big Blue Room

Dick in the big blue room

because connectivity only takes you so far, at some point. you have to engage and get involved with other people in a hands on manner.



This is a pal of mine in real life and I saw this on her timeline so had to share in here.

JoAnne Hennessey

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? It turns out that I’m an Omnivert. The OED does not recognize this as an official word, (yet), but there are several blogs written by people trying to coin the phrase. My favourite so far, is Travis
Griffin’s definition: Extravert + Introvert – Crap you don’t need = Omnivert.

I love it – not only does is encapsulate one of my favourite philosophies (always go for ‘and’, not ‘or’), but it promotes getting rid of crap. And I love getting rid of crap.

But not as much as I love choosing ‘and’ over ‘or’. So please pass the cookies and the cake, I’m over here being awesome and getting rid of crap.,

Nina’s answer

I used to be an Omnivert, now I am an introvert.
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