Socializing on Social Media

zoetrope social media

I’ve been a member of that site and have depended on it for socializing through my recovery process, but also throughout my time there.

Nina zoetrope stats

Whenever I had to travel, being able to access the site was like a bit of home

digital life


being agoraphobic is not the social handicap it once was in the pre-digital age

there’s discussions on the site about the banner

and one thing is very clear to me

I am happy that site is still web 1.0 because I remembered how to use it and zoetrope is where I started to relearn to communicate.

with an environment I was known in and knew the culture and the people

where on line

no one had to know that I was not still who I was only older

no one knew how hard I took the text words or how much I was shivering and trembling in fear to type any words

on facebook, it was bewildering the range of people from nations all over

it was hard to talk to strangers

partly because of the wide variation possible in the English language

it might look the same printed out, but it’s really not

shifting between Africa and the Commonwealth to Scandinavians to Europeans to India to America…..with the few Canadians in the mix….

I have come to rely on the kindness of strangers.

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1 Response to Socializing on Social Media

  1. dykewriter says:

    user friendly
    depends on

    how friendly

    the user is


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