In the good ol’days

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A lot of people look to the past with rose-tinted glasses because they find the modern world too rushed, uncertain and confused. Too much change, too fast change, and too little spare change.

But the past really wasn’t that simple. Every decade had its calm and it’s turmoil, whether it was war or social upheavals or technological changes.

It’s partly true that today’s technology is changing faster than before, but there’s also a lot more technology to change. Probably the biggest change is that most technology is portable and their next step can only be insertable.

At some point, we get into what does it mean to be human – is it the pure person or the person plus all their plugs in play? And that’s perhaps rightfully scarey for people. Especially for those who have a backwards mindset.

Back to the past: was it really simpler and slower…

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