NDEs, Aliens and Satanic Abuse

Nina's Garden

The overlap between “near death experiences”, alien abductions and Satanic ritual abuse survivors is curious.

And not just because a lot of people who claim the experience all have a book to sell you about it.

Near Death Experience or NDE

People who claim to have experienced near death often have died or come close to dying – because it is often associated with surgeries.

But the medical definition of death is a slippery and difficult to define status; there is a clear point beyond which the person is irreversibly dead – but at what pinpoint is it? Brain death, heart/lung death? It’s an important issue when we have the technology for people to be connected to machines to be kept “alive” in pretty much the dictionary meaning and not an meaningful meaning of the word.

In the NDE, the most common hallmarks include:

  1. leaving or floating out of…

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