Tony Perkins says liberals want to ‘shame’ evangelicals. They should be ashamed.

Is there really any wonder that church participation is at an all time low and doing the negative bunny every day?


Canada’s Anglican Church went to the supreme court

the no gay marriage group wanted a divorce

and the Supreme Court told them, you are free to leave a religion

that you now disagree with and chose another

you may not fill your cheeks and boots and remove assets that belong to the institution.

the even tried to get a South American Bishop to take over

but that was outside of the Vatican approved territory zones

Even Statistics Canada dropped the religion question

not because atheists made them, but because the religions
no longer liked the results: a sudden jump form 8 to 16%

and on some level, they realized, because before 2003

when Canada marriage equality occured,

the general population was 60% against and 40% for
and the next year, the numbers flipped

because nothing bad happened and no one was impacted

life went on, even though The Bad Thing happened


Yeah, they do have something of an apocalypse complex. Anything they dislike, they claim will bring on the end of days. I think they are their own end of days in the making.


and now, they had the administration to really make it end of days

I remember the 1980s anxiety under Reagan

and while I do think Trump would order first strike

I am not yet willing to believe that the USA Military would follow his orders

if the american civil government fails to remove trump

the military might, then they’d deserve a parade

we need to step back to sabre rattling diplomacy

not tweeting


You’re right. And there is the fact that the oath of office that our government requires anyone going into government employment has to take makes us “swear to protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Does anything more need be said?

nope, expect maybe “sad, eh?”

in 2018 Russia has a Tsar, China has a permanent chairman

and America needs to be reminded they were founded on the idea of no more kings

President Appointed Family Members who failed security checks

the founding father’s greatest fear was a robber baron buying the office

And, a robber wannabe baron is exactly what this nation has.

indeed, I read an analysis that Trump would have more money if he had left his father’s money alone

as it is, he’s gone bankrupt 6 times, that business model was invented in the 1980s

now christians set up a business, refuse to serve lgbtq, shut down and wait for the haters to send support cash.

If I lived in the USA, I would set up a post-rapture pet care service. paid in advance.

If the ‘rapture’ comes, the homeless should move into all of those empty houses.

Apparently there’s more empty houses in American than their are homeless, the biggest group of which are veterans,

so supporting the troops has an obvious solution

the next biggest group are teenagers who were thrown out of their homes or ran away owing to LGBTQ

so what if the veterans got homes and a teenager to take care of?

seems like a good way to resolve a number of problems

including mental health and community building



In real life there is a very small group of Evangelicals who are not bigoted but they don;t have much power compared to the ones who want to turn this country into a religious based dictatorship.


they have the power to challenge and speak out

the problem is that instead of that
they bystander and play but we’re good ones and they are the bad ones

bystanders enable the bullies

and, by doing so, they give consent and validate the politically correct claim that they do not actually disagree with

so the extremes. who are the truest believers, rely on that buffer zone and veneer of social credibility

why they demand consideration and respect from those they would genocide

when, that is not how the marketplace of ideas work


That is what I have come to understand. All of these evangelical types insist on denying the poor any support of any kind for any reason at all, while, they crow about their own piety and demand special rights for only themselves. “My rights!” “My faith!” “My sincerely held beliefs!” “My rights to free association!” They are the evil twin, mirror opposite, of who their Messiah was said to have been.


Then I feel sorry for your experience.


why are you in denial of the obvious social harm of religion?


Social harm of ignorance, hate, and bigotry. Not religion. And religious people don’t have a monopoly on any of those. You really think religion will go away just because you hate it, or because of science? You think the answer is to eliminate something that people hold dear (and by ”dear” I mean define their whole lives and afterlives by it)?

If you do, then you’re part of the hate problem yourself. I know it’s hard, but the answer is to coexist and educate, not eliminate. And I don’t mean educate people that there is no God because science; they will turn a deaf ear to you and probably get hostile if you try that, and be more religious than ever. I mean educate them about yourself by being the best version of yourself possible and being open about yourself to your friends and family, and anyone else who asks. That’s the only thing that’s worked for us.

Religion can change. It’s slow but it happens. If you beat your head against a post, all you’ll get for it is a sore head. That post isn’t going anywhere.



educate is what I advocate, religion says genocide LGBTQ and oppress women

religion changes slowly because it follows, not leads

your inability to understand any thing other than emotional values

is where this exchange grinds to meaningless

religion, all of them, past and present and even future, have zero evidence

anthropology is the relevant science


Then I advise you to wear a helmet with lots of padding. At least until you stop beating your head on things.


for a person posting as

“Discrimination is not a right. ”

you have a curious lack of willingness to challenge the status quo

and given your bystander but I’m a good religionist routine

it’s not surprising that you seek to support discrimination

society changes all the time, change and death are inevitable

unlike, as it turns out, taxes.




So this article is about Perkins, not evangelicals.


so, literally no meaningful comments

just nit picking as if a thread undoes the whole fabric?

I am not surprised your profile pic is a diaper pin.

I left mine as the default profile, to make my point

about a male dominated world and it’s being run by babies



I see you got my message. Give up futile endeavors; you’ll sleep better without a sore head.

(You really don’t know what the safety pin stands for?)




images, like words, can mean many things

and no, your advise is rejected as accepting futility

i don’t bang my head, I bang a drum

and I file paperwork, change happens all the time

it’s increments and accumulative

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