It should be Cause and Results, eh

Not caused by people touching their own or other people’s genitals.

Yellowstone volcano WARNING: Eruption IMMINENT after ‘nature provides clue’ | World | News | will provide a key warning sign over the Yellowstone volcano’s imminent eruptions, according to a bombshell documentary.

not caused by women having abortions or queer people getting married or anyone using a bathroom available to either customers of a place or the general public

Indonesia earthquake WARNING: Will earthquake trigger Krakatau volcano eruption? | World | News | is currently suffering from a chain of significant tremors on its islands in the western side of the country. Will earthquakes trigger the Krakatau volcano into eruption?

what does causes events is knowable and detectable and learnable

but only if you study the thing and observe, eh

Eclipse 2019: Could Super Blood Wolf Moon cause Hawaii volcano ERUPTION? USGS warning | Weird | News | SUPER Blood Wolf Moon will grace the skies this month and the astrological event could potentially cause a volcano eruption on Hawaii, according to the US Geological

and study enough things to see what there is, not just the part that you see and expect to be true everywhere to all things or over time, eh

Brass Tack

Nina From Canada, eh
+Brass Tack yes, and every volcano has it’s own chemical signature in the ash. so supervolcanos cover the whole planet while volcanos have regional effect – and ital is really scary with two active right now that might merge into a new level effect or supervolcano driving both of themBrass Tack
Yeah I heard. Fortunately I don’t have to travel anywhere near an active volcano. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching volcanos — from the safety of my couch 

Nina From Canada, eh
yes, and now I learned there is one active near me. other side of whistler bc, but seattle is in the death zone for yellowstone, while vancouver is in the ash zone 2. so near or far is not meaningful for volcanoes.

Indonesia volcano: Why lava from THIS active volcano glows BRIGHT BLUE | Science | News |’S Kawah Ijen is also known as the ‘blue volcano’ for it’s seemingly deep blue coloured streams of turquoise lava – so what causes this phenomenon?

Germany volcano ALERT: Earthquakes spark fears of MAGMA rising | World | News | scientists are calling for a reassessment of the risk of a volcanic eruption in their country after a study detected “deep low frequency” earthquakes and determined magma could rise into the upper crust beneath the Eifel volcano.

Volcano news: Expert fears eruption could WIPE OUT central Italy | World | News | VOLCANO in the southern Italian city of Naples could cause “devastation” across central Italy if it were to face a large-scale eruption, warned volcanologist Christopher

Age and foaming—how to predict when a volcano will eruptThe eruption of a volcano can have devastating consequences – killing people and destroying livelihoods, as well as releasing vast amounts of ash into the sky that disrupts air travel and alters the climate. Knowing what …

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