Adult Babies

Juan Manuel Garza16 hours ago

Yeah, that’s right ,i remember when the shit was coming down, and then the dumb fuck shot his doctor in the face and to top it off his lesbian daughter is mouthing off now, making me hate that I’m a lesbian too,  trapped in a man’s body

nina tryggvason22 minutes ago

unless you are getting a sex change. no. you are not.

that is the stupidest “joke” that men make.

Juan Manuel Garza11 minutes agoedited

Take it somewhere else Nina

nina tryggvason4 minutes agoedited

heterosexual men are the problem and you keep demonstrating why. you insult trans and lesbians and now act like you are wronged. way to represent your demographic.

how are you different from republicans?

and everyone who encouraged your comment is as guilty of bigotry as you.

nina tryggvason

@Jet City Woman are you going to allow that heterosexual man to be that big an asshole on your post?

Jet City Woman28 minutes ago

No just read it. Blocked him!

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

thank you

he blocked me so good he showed how much of a baby he is and went away.

Jet City Womana minute ago

No thx needed my friend!

nina tryggvason

kind of you, but in these days, good acts should be acknowledged, maybe more people won’t be bystanders.

nina tryggvason2 hours ago

i’m agoraphobic in real life. the internet and reality overlap now.

Jet City Woman2 hours ago

That has to be hard. I’m starting to get nervous in public places because of the haters with weapons.

nina tryggvason

which is partly why I am agoraphobic too.

bullets replacing talking points is not free speech nor are cars into crowds.

Jet City Woman

Fight for what you believe in! Shows character!!

nina tryggvason

the content of the belief matters, not just the fanaticism

nina tryggvasona

9/11 was also a failure of the politicians who ignored the intelligence community

Science Says Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist—Even Babies | ParentsNew research suggests babies as young as 6 months old show signs of bias against people of different

nina tryggvason22 minutes ago

we fear difference until we learn to control our emotions and through experience learn there is no reason to fear others. except for like human history eh. #LestWeForget

Sencha Skene3 minutes ago

It’s called “outgrouping.” We’re naturally attracted to people who are similar to us. That’s also why boys hate girls and vice-versa.

nina tryggvason

i often wonder why there are still heterosexuals.

Sencha Skene

biological imperative.

Either that or grudge-fucking. 

nina tryggvason

for many a little from column a and the second one too.

Sencha Skene20 minutes ago

The methodology is flawed…either that or they didn’t go into enough detail. What was the control group? Was it a double-blind study? How big was the sample size?

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

why does the conclusion, and this is not the first time someone has done such a study, bother you to go to that format over substance?

Sencha Skene2 hours ago

Because it is the gold standard for experimental research and design.

nina tryggvason

you just said format because format. can you deal with the substance of a topic rather than repeat a textbook? as if you are the only one who understands what is in textbooks.

all you are saying is you are not being classroom catered to on the internet and that is not a meaningful comment that is on topic or about the topic.

:// to read for comprehension | Nina’s Soap Bubble Box  I spent 13 years as a Federal bureaucrat;so there’s a trick to reading everything, and it’s 1. format 2. framework (who paid for it). 3. validity of measurables against scope of …

Sencha Skene18 hours ago

You’re too ignorant of how research is done to have an opinion on the subject. Given your comments, you’re probably an ignorant racist as well, and therefore you can go fuck yourself.

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

you rote repeat process. so that speaks to your understanding and you demonstrate a complete lack of social skills too.

you can leave my viking group anytime, sad male who can’t cope with other people having comments.

Sencha Skene3 minutes ago

Shh little girl. Come back when you’ve learned basic scientific literacy that most American sixth graders have conquered. You’re obviously an insecure little racist.

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

you are the only thing that is obvious and stereotypical.

Sencha Skene2 minutes ago

So how long have you been a racist?

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

pathetic sexist male, lashing out when disagreed with and called out

maybe you should read more studies, and learn about this: Dunning–Kruger effect

4 teens charged with attacking lesbian couple plead not guiltyThe group — who range in age from 15 to 17 — allegedly harassed Melania Geymonat, 28, and her girlfriend Christine Hannigan, 29, as the couple headed home from a date May

Conversion therapy survivors condemn Pulse survivors ‘ex-gay’ groupA conversion therapy survivors group has heavily criticised two survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre who have set up an organisation for ‘ex-gays’

Singh won’t support a Scheer minority government after ‘disgusting’ same-sex marriage clip – National |

Serbia Has Blocked Path for LGBTQ Parenthood After Lesbian PM Has BabyAna Brnabic was the first out world leader to have a child in office. Now Serbia is banning other queer people from concieving a child the same

Lesbian PM Or Not, Serbia Blocks Gays’ Path To ParenthoodThe partner of Serbia’s lesbian prime minister recently gave birth via artificial insemination. Now its Health Ministry won’t let same-sex couples undergo medical procedures in Serbia that would al…

Young Scheer Was Even More Anti-Gay Marriage than Harper | The Tyee2005 video shows today’s Tory leader occupied far-right fringe of his

Gary Bowles: Florida executes serial killer who targeted gay men across Southeast – CNNFlorida has put to death the man known as the “I-95 killer,” who was convicted of killing three people and admitted to killing several more in a 1994 spree targeting gay

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