Government: Census and Censorship

Tory caucus meets today for 1st time since election loss

What went wrong conservatives? Canadians are into fairness and we tend towards reality.

Usually, Canadian Conservatives remained left of American Democrats.

it wasn’t that Canadians voted for conservatives, that 30% votes all the time, it was the population staying away.

Canadians got it into their mind that the Liberals were only rewarding their sponsors with government contracts, but it was that they were spending money to keep Quebec as part of Canada, so to punish them, we punished ourselves.

Liberal name changes for ministries signal a shift in focus

Mandatory long-form census restored by new Liberal government

My confidence in the census is only restored if Statistics Canada is doing the counting, not outsourced to American companies and thus subjected to the USA Security Law.

There are many reasons why people don’t want trust governments with personal data and the Census over the last years has turned more into a market survey, which properly belongs in the private sector rather than government needed data.

Not that Stats Canada has a great history with gays and lesbians, bis and trans.

Today’s identity concepts are far more fluid than government forms can capture.

Especially when they put queer couples in the same category as roommates rather than couple/families and don’t allow any relationship capture other than to person 1

Liberals’ Marijuana Legalization Pledge Raises Concerns ……/talk-of-legalizing-pot-raising-alarms-among-q…

Oct 21, 2015 – LiberalsMarijuana Legalization Pledge Raises Concerns Among Quebec’s Political Class. CP | By Jocelyne Richer, The Canadian Press.

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