Dear Canada: Lest We Forget

Is a warning to NOT be a bystander. Repeat: Do Not Be A Bystander

A man viciously beat a lesbian couple while calling one of women ‘a dude’ / LGBTQ NationThe attacker knocked her unconscious and then bashed her head against the ground because he thought she was too butch…

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Are Pressuring Amazon to Sell Books on Gay Conversion Therapy – VICE NewsAmazon removed the books for violating its guidelines.

more like re-activists

Activists Decry Botswana’s Appeal Against Legalizing Gay Sex | Voice of America – EnglishBotswana’s government is to appeal a High Court judgement which overturned colonial-era laws against gay sex – the first decriminalization of homosexual relations through the courts in Africa.  

Botswana’s conservative and religious communities have welcomed the possible repeal of the ruling while the gay community and rights groups have decried the appeal as a step backwards.

The country’s gay community and rights activists celebrated on June 11, when the High Court became the first in Africa to overturn colonial-era laws against gay sex.Show

Grindr Wanted To Change The Queer World. What Went Wrong?Over the last 18 months, Grindr has faced a federal investigation, layoffs, mismanagement, and internal turmoil. Now the popular gay dating and hookup app is looking for a new

Conversion therapy can kill: Religious LGBT community members speak out – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

University’s LGBT Office Urges Student Allies to ‘Do Better’“Allyship as a concept is a powerful tool to help move the social needle”

Russia Blocks ‘Saw’-inspired Website That Reports LGBT People, Encourages Them to Be Hunted Down and TorturedThe website previously promoted an event called “Chechnya’s Comeback”—urging readers to find and attack gay people. More recently, it has published the details of activists and journalists,

Polish Publication to Distribute ‘LGBT-Free Zone’ StickerThere has been immediate backlash to Gazeta Polska’s

That the Nation of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Demographic of those that was done to are now doing it and demanding it be done to others, who were not only done that to, but left in when the allies freed everyone else. eh.

Word Weasels vs Actual Law

Posted on January 21, 2019by dykewriter

The Lest We Forget CollectionJan 19, 2019yes ,he did and he is saying campaign and president as if that changes the crime, confessing to crime and acting like word nuances have legal force… can’t wait for rudy to be disbarred … Continue reading →Posted in Zeitgeist AnalyticsLeave a comment | Edit

Mensche Fail: Wiesel the Weasel

Posted on September 1, 2014by dykewriter

For a long time, the only people I could listen to were ones who I knew had been through something worse than me.   Combat Troops and Holocaust Survivors were the total list.   I have been a lifelong atheist … Continue reading →Posted in Zeitgeist Analytics | Tagged Elie WieselHolocaust genocideHolocaust SurvivorsIsraelPalestine1 Comment | Edit

America’s Mayor and Broken Windows, eh

Posted on January 19, 2019by dykewriter

New York experienced two things when Rudy was Mayor, a drop in crime rates that occurred after a police policy roll out, which was the only difference between New york and all the other major North American cities that also … Continue reading →Posted in Zeitgeist AnalyticsLeave a comment | Edit

repeating and predictable cycles. eh

Posted on January 18, 2019by dykewriter

The moon, Earth and sun will line up this weekend for the only total lunar eclipse this year and next. government employees should stay home and allow the public to learn exactly what unregulated business is like, eh [Trump administration … Continue reading →

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