How Personal Prejudice Become Systemic Oppression

Why does the FBI refer to trans people as male or female ‘impersonators’?


Because J. Edgar Hoover’s self loathing became systemic, in the very department he created.

combined with how fast social language evolves vs government language and jargon over time; it is little wonder that the 1950s mentality remains, when the GOP hail that as the last good decade.

too bad  Senator Joe McCarthy isn’t spinning in his grave, we’d have a perpetual outrage generator.

J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson enjoy a ride in Atlantic City, NJ.



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Dec 31, 2011 – FBI director J Edgar Hoover aims machine gun …. credible information on Hoover’ssexuality came with the discovery that Hoover for a while …


Actually, its a simple issue. The FBI understands the science behind DNA, and therefore must use that as their guide. There’s no confusion when it comes to DNA, but others will try to work around it, because they are actually wrong.


the FBI is not a medical science instituation

it is a criminal investigation organization

their policies are based in law, not medicine/biology

you are assuming they have expertise in areas not related to their mandate

I note that they also use the offensive (to many of us, including myself) obsolescent clinical term “homosexual.” Evidently they’re lodged firmly in the 1950s.


Whenever I see a hater use the word ‘homosexual’, I can’t help but hear Dr. Steven Hotze’s repeated, spittle-flecked uttering “Hoe-mow-SECK-shoe-ull”


probably an earlier decade even

it’s J Edgar Hoover’s self loathing put into policy manuals

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