Religion does not encourage goodness

religion is what is behind the republican obsession

with legislating what they do not know and can’t even say the words to label


As so many of you seem to be confusing Atheism with Cosmology.

“Cosmology is the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe.”

Nina From Canada, eh+1 indeed. atheism is the rejection of theism. end of meaning.
godbots do not science at all, when they claim it’s up to any person to decide.


this is basically religion, eh.
We Should Teach The Bible in Schools - In a Secular Way - The Ethical Society of St. Louis

Originally shared by ANN Atheist News Network – 2 comments
Last week President Trump, in a tweet, hailed the fact that a number of states are introducing bills to legalize the study of the Bible in public schools. To an extent, I agree with him: there is nothing wrong with the desire to teach the Bible in public schools. This statement may come as a surprise, coming from a Humanist and an atheist, but it really isn’t that unusual. The Bible is one of the most influential and important cultural documents in history, and guides the daily lives of billions around the globe. It is cited and references endlessly in literature, films, music, philosophical writing, and other cultural products. Christian institutions play an enormously significant role in American public life. All of this is much harder to understand if you have no knowledge of the Bible, and if one of the roles of public education is to empower young people to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and critical participants in world culture, then some knowledge of the Bible is essential.

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yes, why so much of history is bloody and artwork boring.

The International Building Code is changing to recommend gender neutral bathrooms

This is the thing about rights they are not conditional on any other person’s value judgement. 

everyone has a right to dignity to go about their lawful and private business

and religion is a personal opinion, with followers now claiming expertise even the clergy lack 

Measles outbreak sparks concerns over anti-vaccination movement | Society | The Guardian

uneducated people do not have valid opinions. and reality is not about majority mob rule.
education is not up to the students for reasons of reality.


this is why people keep voting republican they are literally choosing to be stupid, voting for the rich, in exchange for being able to murder and rape any person with demographics they deem inferior.

Virginia governor apologizes for 1984 yearbook photo showing blackface, KKK

the problem is more that he still has a job in government

1984 and it is 2019 now

and people such as him, are why society does not have nice things

blackface and a clan, these are not costumes those are their truest selves

vile and deplorable, insecure and genocidal 

#StopMakingWhiteEmbarassing and #StopMakingWhiteEmbarrassingEh

#LestWeForget and #LestWeForgetEh


meanwhile. on the internet, eh

Cherch Cherch
Have I missed something big here? Or am I just seeing commenters reacting to a meme as though it were breaking news?

Nina From Canada, eh
apparently it’s your first day on the internet, eh. not everyone is literal or pedantic, try learning some social skills and discover that there are many ways people respond to stimuli. 

Cherch Cherch+2+Nina From Canada, eh
fuck you mini-mind. Grow a personality.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Cherch Cherch you should take your own advise.

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