The Age of Experts connected to their Era Age

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Power Corrupts, King vs Pope and the church and state begins to separate.

Pascal’s Wager, a drunk gambler not properly calculating the odds or considering variables.

EatBabies I-know-not-with-what good-guy-caveman-fire-inventor-copyright-meme-lol-funny-pictures_thumb

So the Civ, as the Citizens, when in et cetera etc …

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Dear White People:/Calling All White People:/Calling Out All White People

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Resisting High Pressure Sales Pitches: The Canadian Edition eh


Charity Burn-out Churning Pitches



The Exposure/Experience Hurdle – things I learned in retail


Tennis: Boobs are bigger than Balls

Invesible_Pink_Unicorn_by_BeautifullyChaotic sacred-heart-of-jesus1

Of Pyramids and Schemes


Where is Health Care Universal?

Frequency-of-miracles intellegent-design

BlogRoll! Atlas of Prejudice

Mayberry Family ValuesMeme Monotheism polytheism quote

The Cartoon View Layer


Cartoon Saturdays to Cartoon Networks

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Motherless and Fatherless Children… Gay Adoption… Can We Talk?

11948733_f260 mythology-atheist-meme

Thinking of the Children

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Earth’s Children… because we all are, eh?

scivspseudosci3 dollies

Happy Feet: the most subversive children’s movie ever?

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Thinking About “The Children”


Bullying: if we stop it in schools; how will the children be prepared for the workplace?


We really need to think about the children, eh?


Elvis World: Love Children to Fake Children


When Children Became a Market Demographic


Dear Politicians: about The Children


Think of the Missing Children



nations are what they put on their money – Rulers the issuers of coinage, or governments who are backing up their bucks with their standards.


they are all the same: money for nothing and altar boys for free




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