Persons vs Opinions: Guns

Whether one calls the item a weapon or a tool, it’s only purpose is death when used as manufactured.

5 things Republicans say about gun violence & why they’re wrong

When it comes to mass shootings, the problem isn’t Republicans or the NRA. It’s you.

I am slowly and sadly coming to the conclusion that the United States will never do anything about gun violence and mass shootings until every single American has lost a loved one to such actions.

What if we changed our way of looking at guns? Let’s say it’s OK for someone to own as many automatic weapons as they want. What is severely controlled and regulated by all levels of government is ammunition. In reality, it is NOT the gun that kills; it is the bullet.

Another way to curb automatic weapons would be to come up with some measure of what is a “necessary” gun and what is a “luxury” gun and tax the hell out of luxury guns. “Necessary Guns” would include those needed by people living on a ranch in Wyoming; in a small town in Michigan’s upper peninsula or in Maine’s woods. It would include those needed by people living close to the alligator ridden terrains of the Everglades or Louisiana bayou. It would also include guns used for legitimate sport hunting which I define as hunting used for both developing a variety of skills and contributing to the communal good – culling large deer herds or killing a predator preying on livestock. Everything else: tax it at 4-500% If we can do this with tampons, cigarettes and booze, WhyTF can’t we do it with other products?


no, the bullet or gun alone do nothing

it take a person to combine, point and shoot

If the writer of this piece were honest, he would say out front, that someone should get to killing a couple NRA execs every time there is a school shooting. Or maybe a kidnap and ransom demand with finger delivery to show the seriousness of make real legal change to the gun laws.

No it’s not our fault, we are not the ones who make the laws and enforce them, it is the government of the USA, and if we want to live in a just society, we have to follow the laws of it. The current way things are working now, is going to bring about a solution that solves the problem. People are starting to care, and the important ones are caring, the kids, they are the ones who are beginning to make demands and that is one group that has no allegiance to anyone.


“If the writer of this piece were honest, he would say out front, that someone should get to killing a couple NRA execs every time there is a school shooting”

people advocating reasonable gun laws would undermine their entire platform by advocating that

better that the NRA and gun companies are sued in class actions, and held accountable for their product use,

as Star Trek Captain Kirk said “we can shoot…”

How does a person call them-self a law abiding gun owner and reject any attempt to have law about guns?

it is not about what the criminals will do, it’s about what any person will do, when it’s the only tool they learn how to use.

guns in the house increase suicides and accidental deaths, usually of a family member returning home late.

and, for home defense, how many guns does a person reasonably need?


Is it your business? Worry about LGBT students who come back and kill their classmates.


Actually, “I-G,” it is everyone’s business. We are talking about the survival of our children. Nina raises some very reasonable questions. Instead of attempting to answer them, you engage in ad hominem attack and try to distract us with a completely different issue. Can you point to a single case where an LGBT student has come back and killed their classmates? If not, shut the hell up!


it is everyone’s business

mass shooting impact every demographic

and Heterosexual males are the leaderboard problem demographic

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The recent school shooting shows that we need a better Consoler-in-Chief

does it matter what the democrats didn’t do then

when Republicans are doing nothing now?

This is like “preaching to the choir”. We know what a monster he is. It’s the people that refuse to see it that are the problem. And worse yet? The people who see it and still support him.


I think it’s clear that public schools know what they are signed up for.

Religion interfering in education, and return to duck n cover nuke drills and active shooters, bomb evacuations added to the fire drills. plus earthquakes in some place

wait, that would require people to understand earth sciences and climate to understand that regional weather is not connected to what humans do with their genitals or where they pee

from my original blog:


The needs of the many will always surpass the needs of the few.  Anders Behring Breivik Shooter/Bomber on Friday, July 22, 2011 Oslo, Norway  I wasn’t going to blog about the most recent homeland terror assault, I didn’t even particularly … Continue reading 

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True Fallacy

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Republican to Rethuglican

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3 Responses to Persons vs Opinions: Guns

  1. dykewriter says:

    Canadians are get alongers, we used to be the #1 peacekeeper around the globe, both in deployed military/rcmp advisors and our efforts in the conference rooms of the international conferences and buildings from the league of nations, though NATO to the UN.

    now, we’re world staging to the point that other nations elected clones of the first Gen X national leader.

    we only riot over hockey games, not that other people exist, eh.


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