Star Wars: White vs Lesbians Debate

The right can’t decide if Star Wars is pro-lesbian or pro-white propaganda


Science Fiction’s Human Centric is subtext of white, so if one sides with the Empire it is.

but, if one sides with the diversity of rebels, then it’s pro-lesbian

it’s space opera, not real science fiction.

(insert Star Wars vs Star Trek here)

there is nothing too trivial to create divisions over, eh?

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    Lets hope that these whack jobs never read “The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet” by Becky Chambers (excellent book btw). A couple of the characters are bi or lesbian (the author doesn’t feel the need to specify), and another has two fathers, and it’s no big deal. Cripes, the evangelicals would try to have every copy of the book in the US burned, the concept of homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgenders cause them to panic so much.


    yeah, in the late 1990s, I was on a panel at a scifi convention about queers in SF movies and books

    I pointed out things going back to the 1940s and up to Xena had recently gone off air at that time

    there was a guy in the crowd who wrote down the names I said “Theodore Sturgeon” Mercedes Lackey and Marion Zimmer Bradley, who I am loath to include now for her 1950s gay pulp after the revelations of her having sexually abused both of her offspring. I met her twice at SF cons and she was horrid.

    he wrote down the names in a way that suggested he’d be protesting and boycotting

    Marion Zimmer Bradley – why you never want to meet your heros

    one of the really early touted: Published in 1978, by Elizabeth A Lynn: A Different Kind of Light has been long deemed a rare gay SF story and one of the few books to deal with AIDS.

    except it’s so subtexted that even knowing that, you feel like you’re reading it in.

    Queer SF: A Different Kind of Light

    I will look for the Becky Chambers, she sounds more interesting than all the heterowomen who write their supernatural rom coms of their gay male fantasies, Anne Rice and her many imitators. Laurel K Hamilton especially.


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    Star Wars has had only one potentially homosexual relationship, which was presented in Rogue One, and featured some playful domestic banter indicative of at least a roommate situation. These were males.

    The Right fear women in position over men, and immediately turn all powerful women into something detestable to keep their women from aspiring to achieve that level of power.


    Star Trek is where Slash Fiction was born, and that series makes more sense if you assume all the captains are queer.

    Star Wars has almost no women in the universe, so that is pretty queer.


Um, since when? The first movie featured a prominent warrior in Princess Leia, and the leader of the Rebellion a woman named Mon Mothma. You have Aunt Beru as well. Episodes 1-3 feature more powerful women. In fact, women are often in positions of great power in Star Wars…

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    yes, there were some, but it was that there were so few women across the universe, background too.

    too many showverses are an all male crew, with a single female or two

    while it is nice that SF is the one genre where women are allowed to fix the engines,

    when it is known about how, what and who is represented

    why are you arguing against the statistical norms?

    now, I do not want to read into or over read anything into your comment

    I am just curious about the logic of pointing to exceptions as if they fully disprove the general rule? when all rules have exceptions, and there are no exceptional rules.

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      Do you blame beehives for having one female who is the most powerful of all? The plethora of females is a little silly. I mean the need to define how female-empowering a project is by how many women are involved. It’s just silly. What does Star Wars teach girls? Women are often the smartest, most honest, and incorruptible across the universe. Women are relied on for solving complex problems, leading governments, and providing sound reasoning among the more brash males. The more recent entries have also greatly increased women behind the camera too. So, again, what’s the complaint?

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        guys like you validate the “politically correct” claim that men fake equality


        Creatures like you validate that feminazis don’t deserve a thing.

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        there are less powerful women characters since the Hayes Code on screen

        the complaint is male deniers of the problem because of a few exceptions.

        Star Wars doesn’t teach men to actually listen to women, as evidenced by your posts in dealing with one


        there are less powerful women characters since the Hayes Code on screen

        the complaint is male deniers of the problem because of a few exceptions.

        Star Wars doesn’t teach men to actually listen to women, as evidenced by your posts in dealing with one


        Enjoy your hairy armpit sisters, moose.


        guys like you validate the “politically correct” claim that men fake equality

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        Creatures like you validate that feminazis don’t deserve a thing.


        You really should stop proving my points.

        You are unclear on the concept of rights and knowing how to share them, so in terms of the article, I think which side you’re on is clear.

        The Star Wars Reduction


Thankfully with the movies after the original trilogy, that has changed quite a bit. And you know that the inclusion of more female characters in prominent positions has been driving the evangelicals nuts.

I saw the original three when they were released in theatres, I was a kid and it is telling to me that in the current grouping, they did not initially put out a Rey toy when she was the lead character, in a series that is basically a movie to show the new toy line.

Han Short First, absolutely, but to me, the movies don’t hold up

and they ruined film into mere movies of blockbuster

which now, with all the CGI are just special effects porn

no real character arcs or plots where those arcs occur

just action explosion and toy lines

Star Wars is samurais in space and was a kinda better version of Dune than those movies were. the force is magic, not science

while Star Trek is the space western on the frontier

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Vice Admiral Holdo isn’t a lesbian, but apparently she is a “queer” character because she’s into aliens instead of just humans. (see the novel Leia: Princess of Alderaan).

The comics do have a lesbian character (Doctor Chelli Aphra) and other lesbian/bi characters (Sana Starros and Magna Tolven) and the recent novels have had minor gay and lesbian characters.

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    humans with aliens are often metaphors for inter-ethnicty or alt sexuality

    the tv show Beauty and The Beast really freaked out the people who didn’t watch it

    and curiously, the V miniseries and V series was criticized for the violence and almost no one noticed the main Villain – Diana was having sex with males and females of her own species and human.

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9 Responses to Star Wars: White vs Lesbians Debate

  1. swordwhale says:

    While Star Trek (and I grew up watching the original) is a “space western” (the final frontier and all that), Star Wars was carefully constructed to be not only “all those movies I loved as a kid but no one is making anymore”… but a classic mythology (Lucas studied myth, if that’s escaped anyone’s notice… saw nice exhibit at Smithsonian Air and Space Museum which dissected this).

    The thing about mythology is it, like the sharp edge of the hero’s sword, cuts through the old and outworn, challenges the status quo, and throws archetypes at us that are applicable in any age.

    If your particular view of the universe is so narrow and carved in granite that you are inflexible (and that’s usually when Nature throws a meteor at you or something), you will, of course, react badly to these fabulous archetypal myths. So yeah, of course the Inflexible Conservatives are freaking out.

    (insert wookiee laughter here)

    The Force will always be with us, unless we’re stupid.

    PS, sorry Canada… I know Trudeau said he could work with anybody they elected… I feel his pain.

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