When Gay was a White Person Thing

There was a time in Western Queer Culture that it was what decadent white people did.

White gay men were first to have enough privilege to be out, 1930s Berlin was proto-queer and quashed by the Nazi Traditional Family Values, where none of the party leaders were actually tall blonde or blue eyed and none of the more Nordic nations joined in.

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Anyway, Modern Queer culture is pinned to America’s New York NY City 3 day riot triggered by yet another Police demand for payoffs/raid from the Stonewall Riot.

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Marsha was the one who ‘really started it’ on the night of the riots, according to witnesses in David Carter’s Stonewall biography.


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Meanwhile, in Canada, it was the bathhouse raids in 1980

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9/11 the queer victims and their queer survivors were excluded from any and all compensation or recognition, despite one of leading the charge into the towers and another one on the plane that crashed in the field.

social moviements wave

White Gay men and White Women could pass for mainstream, so we had some intermittent connection and access to social power and privilege.

 Facebook Extra! I went to cover the first Gwen Jacobs march in Vancouver in the early 1990s, and ended up joining and on the national evening news. I was topless, but I put AIDS awareness stickers over my nipples. seriously, never do that. put a barrier down.. removal was less than fun, eh? https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/justice-robes-vs-hoodie/

Gay and Lesbian groups that formed societies in the early 1900s were largely white, and into the 1970s and 1990s, the face of the queer community was a White Gay Man.

There’s a sub invisibility vibe, that while gay men have access to the Good Ole Boys Network, the White Lesbians are kinda left holding the door.

White Heterosexuals feared that their offspring even knowing that there were gays and lesbians could cause an experimentation phase – the bisexual, LUG (lesbian until graduation), drunk guy pals oops how’d that happen dude – with the assumption of it being a waystation on the way to boytown for all who bored it, male or female.

1950s and sex changes made medically possible altered the invert, passing, drag and cross dressing to performing as Female performers; many cultures with a theatrical history of men playing all the parts on theatre and opera.

Non-White communities tried to keep their offspring in the community by deploring the white decadence and Down Low or D/L was formally named.

Forbidden Love

The Vancouver Lesbian Centre lasted a decade from the mid 1980s into the 1990s and exploded in a complex collision of events that included representation across the ethnicity spectrum.

Nina Angles

Angles Newspaper arose from a 1980s collective and was struggling for lesbian content in a pale male voting group, it ended in the 1990s, when Xtra in Toronto, arising from the Body Politic group in the 1970s moved to become a national paper, and the Angles group didn’t deal and eventually there was not enough advertising dollars in the community to support 2 papers.

Xtra was Gay and Lesbian, Angles declared Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual.

In the 1990s, we used the phrase “lesbigay” prior to the LGBT becoming the newspaper convention to not have to list the 4 words each time. But to me, LGBT sounds like a sandwich order: lettuce bacon guacamole and tomato… I prefer the all inclusive “Queer” over the currently LGBTQAITS alphabet soup of fractalation over generations.

Rights are Geographic and Demographicly Depantantthe last Angles 1990s

Xtra became at it’s Peak:

Island Xtra on Vancouver Island, Xtra West in Vancouver, Capitol Xtra in Ottawa with the original Xtra in Toronto.

One of the founders of the paper was gay married to a man named Brian Mossop, who worked for the Canada Federal Government.

Xtra West social justice

The Government Legislates externally

Then Policy Application internally

From Public to Private

From work to at play

conferring rights is to extend dignity of person

Canada Queer Military 1990s


Angles on Je Suis Charlie

Career Achievement Unlocked: Nina’s Nonesense


hoodie vs justice

Anti-Bully campaign videos

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

The Big Boned Gal Campaign

Nina and Canadian War on Queers

Canada’s War on Queers: National Security as Social Policy

circa 2006

From Affirmative Action to Employment Equity


The RCMP Apology


“People gathered in Centenary Square as the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Geoff Reid, gave a speech, saying the LGBT History Month was about celebrating “both solidarity and difference”.
He said: “We are delighted to raise the LGBT flag as part of the history month.”
Cllr Reid reflected on equal rights campaigns in his living memory, saying: “When I was a student, I took part in the campaign which led to the decriminalisation of homosexuality.””
BRADFORD’S biggest LGBT History Month to date officially began today with the raising of the Gay Pride and Trans Pride flags in Centenary Square.

To think this man whose contributions are STILL shaping this world was arrested for being gay, should never be forgotten. Use your voice!

how much more do queers have to contribute to the world before we’re not on the genocide menu?

That is a really good question. I can’t understand why anyone would want to murder people who are different but don’t do anybody any harm!

self haters projecting onto the world. it take religion to twist someone who might have otherwise been good.
Norma McCorvey, lesbian pioneer of American abortion rights, dies aged 69
Norma McCorvey, lesbian pioneer of American abortion rights, dies aged 69

The DL Chronicles (TV Series 2005– )

The DL Chronicles (TV Series 2005– )
In A Word: Diversity
While tales of heroes dominate, LGBT History Month should be about you
While tales of heroes dominate, LGBT History Month should be about you
Pride march in Nagpur, central India, Saturday 18 February 2017.

“On a sunny Saturday afternoon, draped in rainbow colours, hundreds of people marched in the city for the second gay pride parade from the Samvidhan Square to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community and to seek a life without fear.”

I am gay and it’s ok, was the message of city’s second pride march – Times of India
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9 Responses to When Gay was a White Person Thing

  1. I love the way you write “LGBT sounds like a sandwich order: lettuce bacon guacamole and tomato..” When attending a workshop on the meaning of the initials I was referred to as “an elderly viewer” who doesn’t understand the modern community. I asked “can anyone tell me the number of transgendered persons who had to wear a pink triangle before dying in the Nazi concentration camp?” I was told it is no longer relevant. The word queer was usually the last word I heard when I was being beaten by three or more meat heads.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dykewriter says:

      I met 3 people who survived those Nazi camps when I was 18 at a university Holocaust conference. I had to school a millennial pale male twinkie that bullying still exists in Canada. on one hand, I am glad that they do not know, to break that passing down of generational trauma via the oral tradition… so also, it’s like how do you not know you snot nosed brats? Queer and Middle Aged, beating the odds of our generation eh

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      • Bullying against same-sex persons can be found everywhere in Canada. If it makes a headline it is under Hate Crimes. It is also a tax deductible experience to be converted to straight via C3 church in Canada. C3 tosses the person over to Living Waters for a small charge of $5,000.00. They are listed as charitable and thus pay no taxes and all gifts are tax deductible. Hate is tax deductible in Canada. It’s far more noticeable in rural communities where there is no one to turn to for help.

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      • dykewriter says:

        conservatives are the status quo to be overcome


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