The Rights Door Done Right

Transgender rights are being targeted nationwide with ballot measures & bathroom bills

There is no excuse for the degree of hate coming from the self proclaimed righteousness that is contemporary hypocrisy…ooops…I mean Christianity.


hating others who find their religion baseless is kinda their thing


You’ve got that right. I was raised southern baptist in Texas. Then, my father converted to the JW’s and life got really interesting. I went from living around a ‘braise the lard and pass thu amunishon’ crowd, to one of even less authenticity, fake pacificity, paranoid self righteousness and secret domestic violence. To me, they are all the Sith. There’s just more of them.


it is bizarre how strongly people cling to mental illness (religion)

it’s the everyone pretend it’s valid that remains bizarre

demanding that religion be respected, while ignoring the real world impact

how much less suffering would we have in the world, if money/time and passion were spent on things that helped

rather than hoard and hunker down in self ghettos, waiting to use the word that instructs in sword use with the modern update of guns

I asked my Sunday School teacher once, why christians were not nudists in the woods avoiding material goods

and apparently, that was too first century cult practices which lead to them being lion chow, resulting in the last 10 centuries of them being lion feeders,

it is little wonder that a tv show called “Kids are people too” was more appealing than church.


Among man’s greatest fears is the fear of the unknown. They’re only comfortable around other people that express the exact same way they do. They are only capable of accepting other people that drink the same koolaid they do. Men fear women. They know what we are really capable of. Women fear men. We know they lack self control.
Religion as it exists today is derived from a male privilege social construct specifically created for the sole purpose of elevating men and enslaving women.


indeed, and “goddidit” is, at best, a placeholder answer

god of the gaps, that science shrinks shrank shrunk

from the sub-atomic particles to the current understanding of universe dimensions, to identifying when particles turn to waves; to seeing almost back to the big bang with telescopes; and going from fossils into genetics and predicting where we can find the bones of the missing ancestors

it is curious in the information age, so many eschew education

choosing to use technology memeing bronze age ideology.

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I have used ONLY correct (female) toilets/restrooms on 3 continents — Europe, Africa, and South America — for years and never any issues, never asked for ID You evil bigots are trying to create problems where none exist. However, if you CAUSE a problem for ME personally, you will have to KILL me or beat me up to stop me. Got it ? Jennifer, female model and trans female model. xx


I’ve no doubt there’s a redneck or two who will be happy to accept your challenge. Jeez.


me either, it’s why we have to stand together against those who would genocide us, even as they clutch their buybull as a string of pearls

Attention, all law enforcement officers in Massachusetts, Montana, Kentucky, Iowa, and North Carolina — if I am ever stupid enough to enter the primitive United States again, and I happen to be in any of these states — and in fact I have a lot of family members who live in Massachusetts and some family members who live in North Carolina — the ONLY way you will stop me from continuing to use the correct (female) toilet/restrooms and new-clothes fitting rooms is PHYSICAL VIOLENCE — you will either have to beat me up or MURDER ME DEAD to stop me. Got it ? Jennifer, female model and trans female model. xx


As I said above, I’m sure there’s a redneck or two who will be delighted to accept such a challenge, especially as you appear to be getting off on the idea of receiving a beating. Ugh.


twice you’ve said about other people enjoying doing a murder

so what does that say about you then?


It says that I fear Jennifer Lopezgomez has mental health issues, as she appears to be encouraging violence upon her person.


which indicates your failure to understand the posts made by her,

a woman who is able to stand her ground against persons seeking to harm her for going about her lawful business, in a place where said person: Heterosexual males have no business being in

and when het males are the dangerous demographic that poses the most harm to men, women and their younger versions in the teenage and childhood development; have the least valid of all the personal opinions about women’s bathrooms.

Being bothered by that other people exist is mental illness, it is clear who is the person with the problem is, troll.

and it’s not Jennifer Lopezgomez

so says a person who also gets to use the women’s bathroom.

and would not allow any harm to befall her, by direct action or in court testimony.

I’d even hold the door open for you,

it’s the butch femme thing that the heteros have lost in their battle of the sexes, in which, sex lost.


I’m not arguing against transgender individuals rights to use the bathroom of their choice. I don’t have any issue with that.

I do have a problem with idiots who encourage violence against their own person, vis-a-vis,

“you will either have to beat me up or MURDER ME DEAD to stop me. Got it ?”

It looks like the deranged Lopezgomez has a martyrdom complex.

Haven’t enough transgender women died already without encouraging this shit?


well, now you make a very valid point; which was overshadowed by your post’s tone. Certainly no one should put themselves in danger, always live to educate another day, safety is paramount.

there are enough actual threats without anyone make a situation worse than it might otherwise have been; even in the 1990s, there were some public streets where lapel pins went into pockets.

certainly the number of people who have faked attacks on themselves are not helping the community and are undermining actual victims of crime.

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Although it is a bumpy ride now, it will come to pass that transgenders will have the right to use the bathroom of their identity, not the one they were born with. I find it difficult to understand why some people have a problem with a person using the restroom, especially a trans-woman who goes into a stall, shuts and locks the door to relieve herself. It must be the religious Republicans who are concerned because they know how to cheat and sneak into the restrooms to perform sexual acts that are inappropriate and illegal. Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican Senator, was caught peaking through a peep hole in the men’s restroom at the Minneapolis Airport. It is on record that more Republican politicians have been caught and arrested for sexual misconduct than there have been transgenders.


It’s the dishonest mentality. They think that if they are sneaking around, doing secret things behind everyone else’s backs that everyone else is guilty of the very same things. My grandmother would have called it “the guilty chicken”.


it is why they project onto others,

what they are guilty of themselves

and disbelieve everyone harmed while defending the offender

water fountains then, bathrooms now

I have to wonder why heterosexuals, the majority, are so fearful that other people exist

everyone needs to pee


Well said! The heterosexuals used to think we gay guys were sexual deviates that hid in the bushes and attacked young men, at least back in the 1950s in Boise, Idaho. Fear needs to be removed from the heterosexuals’ minds using education that LGBTs are not a threat to them because we live just like they do.



mostly, I wish they’d stop projecting their sexual violence and sexual stupidity

just because they enjoy incest and rape, doesn’t mean that other people do.

they do not understand how horrifying it is that they cannot understand morals and ethics without a invisible sky daddy.

I am continuously disappointed by how many otherwise intelligent people stoop to such a low level of logic when it comes to the equitable rights of oppressed minorities. We’re using the same mental prowess that saw black Americans banned from white bathrooms due to the risk of diseases, violence, and crime expected to happen should they integrate. How far we have come, and still how far we have yet to go.


this is the problem of one demographic getting some rights and acting as if the rights line stops there

in the 1970s, the hetero women, after they got equal pay and abortion on legislative paper, threw all the lesbians who worked in the movement under the rights bus,

it speaks to the insecurity of the movement

they got some of theirs, didn’t help and now, 2018 is

the 1960s, civil rights, 1970s women righs, 1980s queer rights

all in a 1950s/1980s global nuclear threat with a climate change denial chaser

and the same mentality of not leveraging technology and forcing civilizations to reinvent what is already patented, so we don;t have to deal with industrial driven climate change

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