Why is America Angry?

In 2011, I went on a Holland Cruiseship on a sail up the British Columbia Coast and into Alaska.

There were a few things that shocked me.

  1. The Canadian portion of the coast was actually green with trees, while the USA portions had greyer and more sickly and sparse trees.
  2. The 200 Skeptics at the Climate Change Cruise, even in the security of the event room were afraid to say the words “religion is the problem”
  3. An American Tween, in the company of her Grandmother and Mother – who, for all intents and purposes looked a lot like me – became frightened to meet her first foreigner and to know she was not in America anymore.

It’s a good question, but I think paranoid is more foundation and that embarrassment is expressed in anger.

Top Dog Nation, Best of the SuperPower… realizing that technology depends on scientists who are not impressed by your puritanical and false piety?

The Republican Party’s main platform is anti-government, why are they trying to operate it? at some point, they used to be like the Canada Progressive Conservatives, but they are gone and the replacement conservative party in Canada is like the Republican Party of the 1990s, which the current Republican party is somewhere right of the Canadian Christian Heritage Party, except that Republicans are actually electable.

for a nation of individuals, they certainly enjoy control each other’s private lives.

What makes them think they will have cooperation from the public service, who is the government, shadow government and government oversight and government branches of checks and balances?

Americans are being told to fear and sold it 24/7 in a mass jumble of white noise overwhelming the senses: the fear of non-whites, increased in their census.

It’s like they fear being a minority because those are treated badly or something….


Republic Rape 1Republic Rape 2

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton is the centre candidate, and appears aligned with the Canadian Federal Liberal Party – Infrastructure and Glass Ceiling Breakage is what she is offering, and is far too hated  by the Republicans who won’t work with her any more than they worked with Obama and it’s hard to know which distresses them more – the black man or the woman.

Bernie Sanders is akin to Canada’s NDP (New Democrat Party) the worker, Blue Collar Union Label, they brought in Universal Health Care – go Tommy Douglas go!

Clinton represents progress with her person, while Sanders does in policy – and turning America into Canada is going to be a hard haul.


On the Republican side, – Canada born Ted Cruz has sleazes into the lead over the bombastic Trump, who is close second and could turn his game around, he is the most adaptive of the entire field and the most promising to work in a non-partisan way, given how he doesn’t partisan well now.

Rubio leads the pack of single digit also rans…..expect more drop outs after New hampshire – I expect Carson, Bush and Christie to drop out next, plus all the uninvited to the next debate – dead ducks waddling.

ABC News Announces New Hampshire Republican Debate Candidate Lineup

ABC News is unveiling its candidate lineup for Saturday night’sRepublican presidential …
The network will extend invitations to the following candidates: Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, former Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. John Kasich.
so.. not everyone gets an invite who’s running,…

Rubio sees surge of support after strong showing in Iowa

Ted Cruz tries to seize Rand Paul’s libertarian mantle

Jesus’ reads real quotes from Republican candidates and it’s jarring

sucks when destiny doesn’t manifest and other people don’t just obey eh?
free speech is not limited to first speech, white man’s burden was a british poem
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