Mass Shootings: at work, rest and play – the new normal?

Every nation is a social experiment – which is the balance of class sizes to governance, maximum benefits distributed as equitably as possible – measured by civil unrest, partly normal crime states, hate crimes to open terrorism, towards revolution…

Something that is rather impossible in a land territory where there are so many categories of occupants.

In Canada:

Indigenous Peoples who where here when the Vikings first landed on these shores 1000 years ago, common era (common era having started once the globe was circumnavigated and people had to get over the cultural shock of Other People with Different Creation Myths Exist – send in the marines and missionaries, High Tech and Hats beats Undisciplined Feather Hair – a concept summarized as “Hats vs Feathers”) – who are under Aboriginal Acts of Legislation, who exist as a group legal entity. Collectives. 

Citizens – born here

Landed Immigrant – moved here

refugee temporary status

temp workers

woman_feather_Ossie_Michelin_APTN_c idle-no-more-3 Black+Live+Matter+2

originally, men were the only ones who voted.

MuchMusic 18490115._UY200_ 4509eca7c0776601aa0b8d1ffa8d3cd6aaf06dcbef19cf47e2cdf2f9bc7bc071_1

Then, Women got to vote, having to go above Canada to England’s court, so Canada sulked and finally separated in 1985 and became an adult nation, not one of the Commonwealth Collective nations.

colebourn-and-winnie trudeau_queen_20151112 audience-with-the-queen

Canada stopped being the world’s cannon fodder, and we rode America’s military might’s wake to be able to punch far above our weightclass in fightspeak. When England and America went to war, Canada declined to tag along to many places.

Canada was where the English Loyalists and many Slaves and later Vietnam Draft Avoiders/Objectors came to.

Justin-Trudeau-Because-Its-2015 60084bbc8941b34e260888d49d459939 7ffcd5ff2a03d5fd348207926ef393ad

There was never a law against gays and lesbians voting, but there were laws against us and any time a government has laws that limit or reduce anyone’s access to and treatment under the law, that’s the Red Flag Problem. Rights are meant to advance and become inclusive.

MedicineWheelChart fd7da0bd645b9218d34309530e06fa1c Wu_Xing

Now, the very last people who were extended the ability to vote was the original indigenous population. That happened in the 1970s, but they had arrived on these shores from North over from China and along the coast in the stone ages to populate from south to north pole in several waves over the last 5,000.

China, Canada and Indigenous Peoples, eh?

The laws preventing them from their cultural practices of Pot Lucks and clothing and dancing, in speaking in their own language, were ended.

human raceBruce 09 04 2015 RGB_0 7ffcdc41e5fa41d421c159e1232af952

in 1980, the portion of the criminal code against abortion was struck down in the wake of Roe v Wade in the USA. There is no law about abortion in Canada, it is a privately administered medical proceedure administered by Health Canada, but since most major hospitals were run by religion groups, access to health care and planning families is better than in America, but not to the Canada standard it should be.

Royal Families of Europe I hear Banjos201522-racoon-ttc1



in 1999, the extension of British Common Law Marriage was inclusive of gays and lesbians – the equal of civil union, but not available in Quebec, which is under Napoleonic Code provincially. So the Federal Marriage Law (and Divorce Law) in 2003/04 is the only thing that is keeping Marriage equal in all provinces and territories. There is no common law in Quebec, while in BC, they have legally upgraded common law to married because of the tax differences between the 2 status.

Roberta-Bondar immg 11889581_10206002796643075_5986521318398742504_n

The group of people who got the vote before indigenous people – who were not given a vote so that they had no say in who had a say over them – was in 1965.

in 1965, the Employees of the Federal Government in Canada were allowed to vote.

it was pretty much the same logic, so that employees had no say over their political party who formed the government of the day

it was too high a price to pay, and that was also when the equal pay for equal work began and male and female employees were to be paid the same.


So, there were the attempted to level the playing field to balance historical mis-treatments

affirmative action, employment equity, celebrate diversity….


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