As the Pope Turns…

Once the Position that Crowned the Heads of Europe and Russia; the Ultimate Cleric Job.

Popes bestow blessings on Governments and sold indulgences, a good methaphor for carbon credit offsets – paying someone else to not pollute so that you can continue to is NOT sustainable. Not doing the bad thing is what is required to accomplish actual good.

catholics and nazis nazi_catholics_04 2freidrichcoch

The absence of bad, that which is easy. Cliches are so for a reason, we are tired of having to tediously repeat them.

Vatican Rag Mona-Lisa-Duckface-1 shroud-full-image

That which upholds Establishment and Tradition is the Status Quo to be Overcome. Reactionaries vs Revolutionaries – Social Hierarchies shake ups, uprisials and social changes.

Pope capitolism quote chris columbus quote on naive natives

Popular Religions and Popular Governments and Rulers vs Appointed Officials, taxes and tariffs and tithing oh my – Tribute, Treasures and Trinkets…

transub cannibalism A moderate head pedo priest Cali T Rosen Simple Life Crew Image

The Queer Civil Rights movement that resulted from the Stonewall Inn New York City shut down for 2 days riot in 1969 was telling the cops that we’d had enough and since then, the fight was done in the courts and with Pride Parades in the Streets.

REAGAN THATCHERAnastasia and Anna Anderson Nina with A Romanov Fantasy by Frances Welch

Violence was done to us, by Christians trying to keep us in our places, marginalized and invisible and they are confused that now in Canada, and 30 some other Secular nations, queers are able to marry and people are allowed to legally and medically alter their genders. Self Identified within a culture and community, or personifying it at the other end of the social hierarchy scale…

maya cube circle squared maya sphere

Something that religion, where the concept of gender roles arises, can’t cope with.

Beowulf & GrendelLegend T Shirt Beowulf

Someone who is not dependent on religion telling or determining one’s value, when religion serves the needs of the very few at the expense of the many, more often than not by scapegoating and sacrificing those who do not conform to their arbitrary and tiny puritanical standards.

Pope Time Boris to Peter math vs religion

But then, thinking for one’s self is the ultimate evil as religions would have it, the only education to uphold the religion, control the information and who has access to it.

Putting the fun back in fundamentalist Borgia Prince

Popes Priests and Other Prophet Pretenders. Personality Cults…telling tall tales and allocation of life and resources has not conferred much positive value in the world.

Gravity  Bible Earth View

The opposite of Open Source Geek Culture – data sharing.

Harper at Cirilo funeral the known soldier Halifax Daily Chronicle Op Ed memorial

Despite all the control over sexuality and reproduction that religion is. The Man with the Most Money flaunts the most wives. 2 person romantic based marriage is an American and largely Hallmark Cards and the diamond industry market’s invention of Valentine’s Day as being a romantic way to celebrate the execution of pain in everyone’s asses pious control freak and mentally ill so called saints. Them and their suffering fetish. Nothing so ecstasy ecstatic as righteousness inflicted onto others.

mother_teresa_love_o7lLjqV1zdzx-1 Prince Parasite

The Pope is trotted out to Tut-tut-Tut on the Solar Quarterlies, the weather now a month out of sync with how we once named the seasons. Spring Summer Fall Winter; the cycle of growth to maturity and unto death, for many things, which are annual and seasonal.  lifecycles of aging, infancy through childhood to teen, demi adult, young adult, mature adult, Elderly and Oldster from diapers we begin and to diapers we return….

known vs unknown soldier divine clothing

Trump vs Pope: Fallout

the moon moemnt Change Margaret Meme the one percent own half

Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

Canada rock n slideHojatolslam Kazem Earthquakes

Memo to Pope: Apologize

It's a BoyThe Future Figurehead KingChuckles n Camilla

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

Spence Vs Harper No Doubt #boycottNestle

The Pope Worded – Will Actions Follow?

Pedo Priests Vanity Projects Cameron Level UN Aid rape dependant

Pope-A-Palooza USA: Republicans Implode

dif pile same shit Harper vs Obama

Pope vs Obama

what how did they not notice  5-atheism-quote

Pope offers forgivess to contrite abortionatrixes

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