#Violence @Work or @School

October 15, 2002 will remain a day of infamy in the minds of staff at B.C.’s Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection pollution prevention department.


mental-illness2nd amendment

Americans have become habituated to daily mass shootings, from the first one in the 1960s – the watertower at the university of Texas, to the first workplace one at an airliine.

then in Canada at a post office, then in America at a Post Office and “Going Postal” became a phrase.

And it became a plotted trend, at work or school, it never ends.

Columbine became the catch name for schools; but in terms of sheer horror that assault on the Amish School was unprecedented and both remain unmatched.

This is not the kind of leaderboard that one actually wants to be on, it is better to be anonymous than infamous or famous.

131111-intimidation-tactics-gun-nuts-protect-america-from-moms-eating-lunchknown vs unknown soldier

But, when nations are resolving matters with bombs or boots on the ground, it is utterly hypocritical to be surprised that people behave the same, an individual in a group, acting according to their demographics, and I mean, there’s a reason why criminal profiling works – the only error is zealously over or under applying it in the locality circumstance.

canada peacekeeping 62the one percent own half

My general rule of thumb is if a position is supported by any homogenous group, it lacks general goodness, regardless of the benefits which tend to flow to said group.

Understanding audience and target segments and that whole fans and indifferent to opposition to plain outside or deep insider, the languages within languages, and coding and encoding, decoding… it’s all deeply cultural and pop culture referential.

Photo by Yemeni photographer Boushra al-Moutawakel.the burka bondage scale

Photo by Yemeni photographer Boushra al-Moutawakel.

Anyway… 2002 the Day a Provincial Manager was being fired for harassing his staff; he took a gun to the meeting and killed the union rep and his manager and then himself.

Staff were trapped for hours while police sieged and then searched, not knowing that it was all over with those three shots.

It followed after severe budget cuts were done to the civil service at the provincial level under then Premiere Gordon Campbell.

PR Fail PoseB.C. Premier Gordon Campbell is shown in these police booking handout photos from Maui police on Friday Jan. 10, 2003. Campbell is facing an impaired driving charge in Hawaii. (CP PHOTO/Maui Police-HO)

before that, there was the Ontario Bus driver who shot up that office around the time that Vancouver Island gang of teeneagers murdered Reena Virk. late 1990s.

But then, there was the Starbuck’s in Vancouver – a man came in with a weapon to kill his wife who was an employee – the Starbuck’s manager – a gay man – died protecting her.

In Canada, most murders are domestic or organized crime or a crime that someone organizes, and apparently random people do not just resolve conflicts with weapons.

status of women abortion meme 1Supernatural BC

Death in the Afternoon – HazMat ManagementHazMat …

What started out as an ordinary day, at least in light of B.C.’s workplace adjustmentThe double murder-suicide left the provincial government and variouswaste management company Harvest Environmental Services Inc. of Kelowna and  …


British Columbia – News Headlines in BC | The Province


British Columbia’s Liberal government is set to unveil the provincial budget today, andsuffering serious injuries from what RCMP say was a targeted shooting.

Missing: workplace
water and air307786_10150362509346275_177486166274_8754582_570189925_n

Bill 35 to Improve Workplace Safety Following B.C. Sawmill …


Oct 8, 2015 – Bill 35 to Improve Workplace Safety Following B.C. Sawmill Explosions … the provincial government have introduced a few changes to safety legislation in the …. Store Shooting had Rutland Schools on Lockdown. Kelowna  …

horror 2Protective Legislation Be Gone

is the BC Government trying to get us drunk?

B.C.’s government liquor stores will soon be allowed to open on Sundays, the government announced Wednesday. The extended hours for 196 stores begin April 1, 2015. Liquor will be sold in B.C. grocery stores starting April 1, 2015 Attorney General … Continue reading

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