School Ins and Outs

books textbooks

the basics: reading, riting and rithmatic

not actually good enough – reading for comprehension, critical thinking, and apreciation

writing in formats – business, technical to artistics – creating content or summarizing it.

Most work writing is summarizing – the trick is to use the 1st sentence of each paragraph, thought changes and lead ideas, then exposition.

Mathematics…basic consumer math, basic accounting… geometry and the symmetry of image arts – and music and time – basic to bases, cover’em all, eh?


Be a person with flair – renaissance it – naturalism is where arts and science starts


1-b-golden ratio golden_ratio_human_body

The Lost Art of Oration in a Media Savvy Age

Openly disagreeing with a powerful person was a good way to be called a witch or heretic and get done in at the weekly session in the Public Square. Openly disagreeing with community standards was the way you shunned out … Continue reading

goldennumbers1b golden-ratio

When you type a lot, it is easy to think through your fingers.

So what some people call automatic writing, they go into a trance and “wake up” with text written by a spirit through them is just them typing and letting their quantum brains that process data faster than we can consciously think, take their awareness out of the loop and just go from thought to words.


I think that humans have a lot more capabilities than we know and every now and then, we get a sense of the true capacity of our brains and we interpret the experience as we have been culturally trained to expect

and it’s putting aside all the beliefs and dealing with just the facts on the ground – knowing what we know and how we know it – building on what other people have done before.

I watched a tv doc series from the BBC called The Story of Science

and this show did what I had been wanting to learn all my life.

I complained through high school and college that we were taught blocks of information in silos. We were not taught, how to connect blocks of information.

So over there, you learned about Europe history, over there you learned literature, over there sciences

but no where did we learn about how they interacted

we learned that the church executed various science guys and it’s all so hostile between religion and science

but that’s our shared story – if we don’t talk about it and understand

that’s why people keep saying what’s the harm of religion?

the harm of religion is that it prevents people from thinking.

Because anyone who thinks outside of religion – or worse, looks at the natural world and builds a worldview that is grounded in the natural world and all the observations by people, corroborated by other people, tested and retested until we have the best explanation of the real world given the collective observations and experiments so far – and we re-evaluate what we think we know when new promising information becomes available and sometimes, maybe consider the outlier and counter-intuitive ideas because they turn out to be right sometimes

and reverse engineer how it all fits together, well, that’s science actually or if you want to not use an emotionally loaded term – naturalism.

We live in a natural universe, with unknown but reasonably predictable to be natural causes.

And it’s that delight in the natural world, and all it has to offer – that we can share in this time and space

because the story of humans is what we collectively, not individually do

but it’s that taking time to reflect and enjoy particular experiences be it in actual life or as an entertaining past time

so there is no reason for anyone to be held back because of group characteristics or stereotypes

because while we are each ambassadors of our group identifiers, we are not accountable personally for the history of our groups or what other members of said groups are doing.

we need to deal with each other as individuals, and to do that, we need to understand group dynamics and how that plays out in a person’s ability to trust, adapt, be comfortable, creative, and socially capable behaviours.

which is what going to public school is for – your community peerage.


so we do need to have some religion in public schools, and it is to teach about them not teach them. so people understand – why we have memorial and remembrance days for war dead. lest we forget and do it again.

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