Public Square Policing vs Soap Box

Freedom of speech and expression and access to the public space.

We need better education so that the people who use the space, use it well.

And not selling the same old same old in a new wrapper.

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Incremental steps of caretaking and defending, towards righting wrongs.

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Today, I sent out 2 emails.

the first one was to Life Labs, a 3 month follow up on their response to an initial complaint about an intimidation incident at one of their Surrey labs. Depending on their response, I might be disclosing that in a post later in the month.

Dear Religion: word of mouth is bad marketing strategy in the information age.

and Post Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents/AIDS 1980s

Post False Memory Syndrome 1990s and Vatican sex crimes since ever

Post 9/11. It’s time to say religion is a mental illness and it’s the moderates who are the actual problem because that’s where the social/cultural veneer exists.

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in Canada,

religion is your private choice and this is a secular and multi-cultural nation.

and this is a matter of public safety and interest, so

not to put too subtle a point on it, but public transit is typically targeted by religious people who are bothered that other kinds of people exist

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my second email:: To Translink BC

Please refer to this feedback number for future reference: Feedback Id: 761987
We have saved the following information concerning your feedback:
Response Required? Yes
First Name: Nina
Last Name: Tryggvason
Street Address:
City: Surrey
Province: BC
Postal Code:
Contact Phone:
Date of Incident: 11-05-2016
Time of Incident:
Regarding: SkyTrain
Incident: This is not about a specific incident, but rather the prevalence of times that people who are selling religions are in the skytrain stations. they have no legal business to be loitering and they represent a reduction in access for member of the public who have been harmed by religion I have on a few occasions reported to uniformed translink maintenance and security staff and once even RCMP officers.

in the 1990s, I was bashed by a religious person at the Broadway skytrain and I reported that to the Vancouver Police at the rime.

I am a disabled person and I do not wish to be further humiliated by having to call translink staff to escort me into stations and potentially out of them when they have no lawful business being on public property especially with rolling cart/kiosks it creates a conflict of public space and government I look forward to your response Nina Tryggvason


Dear Translink re: The JWs

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