Think of the Missing Children

Stranger Danger and Charity Burn Out – true tales from the small business office.

When it’s your job to answer the phone, and you still do your job, that’s when you know you are a multitasker.

“Hello, You’ve Reached {Office; Your Department or Title; YourLastName}

While they say why they are calling, you are scanning the inbox – desktop or screen.

Glancing at your schedule of deadlines and meetings – and then referring the call or offering the answer to the caller.

Less than it took to read those paragraphs for the average reader.

Your call is as important to us as the system that answers your call.

amberalertMeme Child Coal breakers

“Charity Pitch, wants your money, missing children.”

stop-parental-child-abduction-now pg3_chart

“Oh? you have a brochure that you can fax to me that in dictates your Charitable Tax GST credit number?

“uhhhh… no one’s ever asked for that before….”

“You have called a law firm for a charity donation and you don’t have these things readily faxable?”

“Um….. I can put something together for you….”

“Never mind, the firm is not in a position to consider charity requests.”

“Oh, well, what about you? as an employee, would you donate?”

“To an unprofessional charity? no, I do not.”

“But, the missing children”

“Uh huh, how are you planning to give them the money exactly?”

then the scammer hung up the phone, this was the 1990s.

ii-micahel-dunahee-younger l

but then, I didn’t used to be home in the day, and I cannot bear to answer the phone. It’s one of my nuerotic tics Nero otic nurosis nervous…


One time, I was home with a migraine and was sleeping and the phone rang – which, given the number of shift workers, is appalling that companies continue to use telecommunications that disrupt people’s situations with advertising, often to the cost of the communications consumer for a zero benefit return.

Anyway, I woke up to a telemarketer with one of those – you won 2 weeks at a gym from those drop your business card into boxes all over the grocery stores and usually banks.

I never used my workplace business card in any of those boxes, except once at Costco, when I won their we bring a coffee break to your office $250 prizepackage.

But that is not the story I am sharing, because this is about missing children.


Stranger Danger

Primarily Missing Children – but also Charity Scams and protecting yourself – because when children are in the most danger is when a stranger has lured them off, it is to rape and kill or kill and rape them, and it happens within an hour.


Book Review: Paul Bernardo

On Vancouver Island, BC Canada, one happened in a 20 minutes – at a community sports game. The ball went into the wood and a young girl went into find the ball – and within 25 minutes, the entire baseball audience of adults was out in the woods looking for the girl, but, it was already too late. She was dead, left against the tree. That human predator had been watching the game from the beginning.

Public Nudity: Topless Equality in Canada

That is one extreme and the other is a child or teen taken and returning years or decades later, sometimes with offspring of their own in tow and a horrid story to tell.

War on Women: Battleground Cologne

Most children taken are taken by adults who know the child. Some find out later on the internet, when they discover themselves online. Reunions emerge from bitter divorces.

Hundreds gather in Vancouver for annual vigil honouring missing and murdered Aboriginal women

Shared on line as I am unable to attend in person.

Children as pawns in the divorce game, why, children need their own lawyers and not be used by their parents. Sometimes children and teens go missing on their own. Runaways, throwaways, vulnerable youth, upon which all predators prey – the stragglers and orphans of a herd, the elderly or the less abled than the average heard.

Missing Women

Women are missing from a lot of places. I don’t mean merely geographically – but also historically.   China’s implementation of a one child policy resulted in an increase in female infanticide. India’s male favouring culture has also resulted in … Continue reading

After all, the lions wake up early and make sport of a herd, leaving them milling and spread out, pickings for the other niches, nothing eats everything of a kill, it’s the alphas through the Deltas, the Fliers to the Crawlers, wrigglers and diggers, life feeders and death eaters, cycle and recycle. The jackals and hyenas, the vultures and beetles…nature wastes nothing, and this informs the process of understanding what has happened…

Missing Women

Where women are missing is China and India – both of those populations exceed a billion people, and they have both skewed their population ratios to have more males than females through the cultural practice of infanticide of female offspring. … Continue reading


International Women’s Day 2016

“You’ve won 2 weeks at our gym.”

“How did you get this number?”

“Your bank..”

“IS NOT authorized to offer contact information, Transfer me to your supervisor!”


Nothing identifies a scam like having zero authority or even credible business semblance.

Anyway, telephone, alarm clock snooze button… phrases one can utter in semi sleep, that serve in any and so many conditions…..

School Shooting in Canada


Today is the 25th Anniversary of the disappearance of Micheal Dunahee. He disappeared before America enacted the Amber Alert System – named for a little girl named Amber who was stolen. Every now and then, one crime stands out and something that will help others comes of it. first the name and then a phrase,  Sweet Fanny Adams et al


The system proved it worked, because it turns out that a lot of baby and toddler apparent theft is actually a car theft and the parents left the kids alone and the thief only meant to steal a car.

So one of the benefits of the Amber Alerts is sometimes, the thief leaves the car with the kids somewhere on a busy corner or parking lot and the children are saved.

Other things we have learned is that the blonder child gets the more media coverage – there has been tracking comparing white appearing children with different hair colours.

So that the paler the skin, the more the media coverage is one of the problems of representation and missing in the most horrid way possible.

mvIdkGIESsXWpAwhtSkiQ8A  ultimate demotivator41cYSKgAh+L._AC_UL320_SR210,320_

And, as an adult now, 48, when I was 12 and standing face to face with Clifford Olsen, Canada’s most infamous and self named “Beast of BC” – there are ways to escape and survive – but only as long as the facial expressions of a sexual predator are not ones already trained into the children.


Childhood was invented in America in the 1950s, it was sold to us on television, the only place it actually existed.

American Schools are having mass shooting drills along with Fire Drills.

Nuclear Weapons stockpiled and Reactors leaking, bioweapons and Zombism Metaphors

Capitolism vs Collectivism – Sacred vs Secular – Person, People, Peoples, Socialist Utilitarianism or ArtDeco UrbaneDecadence – people want to be free to control others?

religion: a story of a species seeking to matter, as if being apex wasn’t enough… fallacy of the ancients and fallacious authority

science: the story of everything.

UN Aid rape dependantdif pile same shitatheist meme, atheist lgbt and women.jpg.opt679x509o0,0s679x509

how to determine which is real?

it’s not the one saying what you want to hear.


No one is entitled to take away or harm the life of another.

Understanding that, recognizing the personhood of others, is not playing god over them.

Freedom of speech includes offensive speech

For a family, there is not much in the way of moving on, there is always the faint hope.

For people who want to help – donate to your local Search and Rescue – they are where donations will most make an impact.

Bruce 09 04 2015 RGB_0hqdefault

The reality is, children are being harmed, from sexual abuse to belittling bullying by teachers, doctors, coaches and all kinds of people who are supposed to be helpers, fire, ambulance and police included… even UN AID workers….

charlie-hebdo-alan-kurdiScreen Shot 2016-01-16 at 14.21.40

water and food, shelter security – safe villages …

Charlie Hebdo's front cover which features the death of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi.replacement

only the faces they see and learn to recognize and respond to…

See how "mirror neurons" turn you into a copycat without your knowledge: A study flashed expressive faces to participants for 30 milliseconds, and even without realizing the specific expression, participants mimicked the expression.Nestle CEO water right quote

every statistic, every file number, was once someone’s child. personhood to statistical data points, eh? the children are merely one demographic, with marginal purchasing power…


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