Our Daily Elvis for July 14, 2018

Our Daily Elvis

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Daily Elvis: July 14

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Tupelo, Mississippi


Memphis, Tennessee

1949 – 1977

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

July 14, 1956

Pat Boone’s version of Ivory Joe Hunter’s 1950 hit, “I Almost Lost My Mind”, topped the Cashbox Best Sellers list. Over the years, nearly 50 other artists have recorded the song.

Elvis remained in Biloxi for most of July.

Romance: June Juanico

The Military Service Disruption


July 14, 1958

The Quarrymen, featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John “Duff” Lowe on piano and Colin Hanton on drums, recorded a vanity disc at a small studio in an electronics shop…

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Authority: Do not Just Obey It

Franklin Graham tells Jimmy Carter that Jesus would kill gay people, not marry them

He does NOT know his Bible or Jesus. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is not about homosexuality and Jesus would do nothing short of show unconditional love to LGBTQ+ people. Misinformation and decades of twisted information result in deeply seeded beliefs that have no basis in truth. We didn’t get her overnight and we aren’t going to escape this indoctrinating ignorance overnight either. If you want truth – read books like God and The Gay Christian, Torn, Walking the Bridgeless Canyon, and UnClobbber. Or if you are interested in the T in LGBTQ+ my own book What Does God Think? Transgender People and The Bible sheds much light on this subject. All of the books I mentioned here reveal truth about the scriptures and offer readers solid biblical reasons for affirming and loving LGBTQ+ people.


stop pretending the bible is a book of good.

it is a slave owning and genocide manual

plus propaganda porn and poetry

the dead sea scroll interne


I agree.


it is funny who get to speak for Jesus/God

and then fight over who’s nicer – those doing the oppression/genocide or those that say don’t blame religion because people do it wrong

when they are in fact, doing what the religion says.


I know. It’s crazy that religious people are so gullible that they’ll believe anything their pastor says.


it goes back to when most people couldn’t read

and the conditioning over generations to obey authority

but now that most can and have access to the “sacred text”

even when they read it, they alibi and excuse it

rather than see it as the dead sea scroll internet

poetry, propaganda and porn, plus more than enough violence for an R or X rating

the Buy Bull, not safe for children


I agree. I’m not against obeying authority if the command makes sense. But often the commands make no sense whatsoever. Particularly if it involves killing people who are innocent of a sin (a crime).


people need to also remember that

“Just following orders”was banned as a defense at Nuremberg.

Lest We Forget

The psychotic poison of Evangelical Christianity. Who is this hateful twisted bigot speaking for a prophet who said do unto other as you would have them do unto you. This religious slime ball has lost the script and invented a heinous substitute of his own.


no, it was always about genocide and slave/concubine owning

and in the first century, living in caves and away from materialistic society

now, christians need universities, with cities and satellites with tv broadcasting and a fleet of airplane to get between megachurchs

tax free

RIP America, now a theocracy

Yeah, cause Jesus killed a lot of people, right?
As Ghandi said:
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


what would Jesus do?

go to the temple, kick over table and have a fit

not to mention

what’ the Jesus quote about not being his follower unless you abandon your family?

nice values, eh.

Do we need any other input to fully understand why church and state should remain separate? Apparently the Republicans do. Let’s send them that information. Vote straight Democrat in November and kick the bums out.


they do not want them separate

especially now with the Jerusalem embassy move

and the American surpreme court subverted and ready to roll back

marriage equality, roe v wade and the civil right act of 1964.

Judge denies trans teen’s name change because Caitlyn Jenner may have brainwashed him


Hehe, we ARE all individuals, all 7 billion of us. It’s just that for all their being ‘non-pc’ and ‘non-snowflake’ they’ll gladly give up independent thought to be part of the relative safety of a clan. Which is really a lack of imagination, a clan prospers with its diversity of traits and skills instead of sameness. It’s even biologically true in genetics, neither do you want ideological ‘inbreeding’ (i’m just a layman of course, i’m just thinking out loud)


yes, there are three mormon communities, two in the USA – texas and colorado and the third in Canada, Bountiful BC

they are human trafficking women in a doomed attempt after very few men fathering everyone in town, they have a higher than national average birth defect rate too

meanwhile, less than 1% genetic diversity across those 7 billion plus people

and we fight over that nothing of a difference and ruin the entire planet for all species

I am a layperson on this as well, so imagine what a professional person could explain and understand from reading this exchange of ours in the midst of the lgbtq nation site.

meanwhile the religionists repeat talking points, as if it was biology and not anthropology that puts religion in it’ place: a cultural power structure to control wealth and populations.


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Our Daily Elvis for July 13, 2018

Our Daily Elvis

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Elvis

Daily Elvis: July 13

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July 13, 1924

“Hillbilly singer” Vernon Dalhart recorded “The Wreck Of The Old 97.” It was the first Southern song to become a national success in the U.S., eventually selling more than 7 million copies.

Tupelo, Mississippi


Memphis, Tennessee

1949 – 1977

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer


Elvis remained in Biloxi for most of July. Vernon and Gladys arrived in Biloxi too to visit their son.

Romance: June Juanico

The Presleys lived at Audobon Drive

July 13, 1957

Anita Wood had dinner at Graceland with Elvis and his parents.

Romance: Anita Wood

The Military Service…

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Nation Treaties vs Business Contracts

So…. They’re so fragile they need an infinite safe space?


and the need to control everyone else

even aliens


Trump is going to build a globe around the globe, and the aliens will pay for it… 😉


bwaahahaaa thanks, I needed a laugh

do you think Trump will return from Helsinki?

with Cohen flipping and the senate vote for NATO

thing are not looking so good stateside for him, eh?


yesterday, I watched an Anderson Cooper interview with a retired national security analyst and he called Merkel the last man standing in europe, wished America had a leader like her and said that America has a “malevolent fool” as president.

I couldn’t even move for several minutes, it felt like those three days when Gorby went missing all at once, plus all the Reagan Nuke fears.

BBC Threads and the USA The Day After, more important 80s shows than “Wall Street”

the world has gone from President Trickle Down to President Tinkled On.

although, if Trump is not in office, then Putin has no further use for him

so little incentive, and what value would Cheetolini bring to Russia?

honestly, I think the Pee Tape release might make the internet rethink porn, which has already been reduced to spam


I’m afraid that’s what you get when you tell people they are the best in the world and to worship rich dudes. The American Dream turned into Nightmare. Who was it that said; ‘Love people use things, not, use people love things’…? I feel (and to a lesser extent in Europe as well) that the old power structures and money flows are failing. There’s a more and more socialistic and cooperative slant among the next generation, instead of the ‘Self Made Man that Lords it over His Underlings’…


America’s claim that anyone can be president certainly proved merit and qualifications no longer matter, if they ever did.

the self made man is a myth, no business can exist without a government to provide infrastructure

as Macron said, it could be the G6

America is not a human rights leader when even women do not have equality and that is a majority of the population.


Yup, all packaging, no content…


he also does not understand that business contracts are not the same as treaties.

business you might get to have little people to do one’ bidding

but government is actually about all the actual people of the nation

not just the ones who paid for the politician or voted for them.


Exactly, treaties are about having each others back, not just making a profit…


and treaties are creating by many people doing the work and they are signed by officials, and enacted for decades if not centuries.

not like mere business contracts, which are not really ordered by a boss and carried out, then broken, violated and bankrupted upon.

it is astonishing to me that the president of america brags about not paying taxes.

America was founded on the idea of taxation/representation

RIP America

Tabbing Through the Tabloids: Bruce/Belinda Jenner

The Jenner Transition: From Butch to Cait

Dear Jenner: Return the Medals


honestly, I think the Pee Tape release might make the internet rethink porn, which has already been reduced to spam


To be honest, i haven’t watched porn in decades. First of all, if i want release my imagination is sufficient. Secondly, i don’t see the point of aggressive or demeaning sex, it’s supposed to be fun in my opinion.

As almost everything nowadays, everything has either become a service or product to be sold or hired out for profit.

Superficiality, greed and fear have led us into these late stages of nationality and rampant capitalism. Trump has been riding the mindset created by this system, unfortunately for him, judging by the way he speaks and believes there will be no consequences, he’s no Machiavelli.

I don’t know what will happen during and after his meeting with Putin, i do know that the American system (propped up by money, and a soft press) is rotten to the core. This is end times of Rome stuff…


Totally! who could have imagined that of all the forms of communication humans do, that the internet made sex boring.

it is little wonder that the word porn now is anything for it’s own sake to excess.

and yes, collapse from within, the centre cannot hold.

Canada should offer to annex the north of america, so women and actual minorities have rights, while Mexico can Inca Manifest Destiny the south and since Canada and Mexcio get along, no need to waste money or effort on an environmentally ridiculous wall.

Animal herds still migrate, and they don’t have identity papers or do paperwork

Yup, i don’t know about you, but i’m one of those romantic softies that would actually like to stay with the woman he is sleeping with.

Lets call it the ‘Buddy System’… 😉


Good name for it

Honestly, given the public bashing men and women do, it’s a wonder that there are any heterosexuals at all sometime

in the 1970s battle of the sexes, sex lost.

and I am not surprised about emerging demographic of people who reject gender and sexuality .


Elvisworld: Gender and Jenner

Jenner: Costume, Caricature and Legit Commentary

Jenner is not a hero, but is in community

Conservatives vs LGBTQ


I am sorry if you seriously believe there is anything real in Bruce Jenner’s act. But some let themselves be fooled too easily. So many are right to be furious with him for so many reasons. Like Trump, Jenner has been intruding media-wise into my life (and the rest of the world) for the last 30-40 years. Plenty of time to realise what complete dud creatures they both are.


Jenner’s coming out certainly explained the 1980 Can’t Stop the Music movie starring the Village People

Jenner’s credit has been name changed retroactively on imdb.

That said, Jenner is at best a log cabin republican.

Neo-Nazi arrested at Tennessee pride festival after protest turns violent

from the state that had the Scopes Trial

not surprising eh


Same state; very different region. And the Scopes trial was a publicity stunt. Anyway, these idiots never learn. White supremacists keep coming to Knoxville thinking they will be welcome since the city is primarily white but they always get sent back to whatever hellhole they crawled out of. They don’t get it; Knoxville is the most progressive city in Tennessee. They would be much more welcome in Nashville or the Memphis suburbs.


The Scopes Trial certainly had a lot of theatre to it, but actual law still occurred.

Kansas repeating that trial at the end of last century resulted in the Pastafarian religion being invented, A protest at first, but now a legal religion.

Would you consider Texas to be more backassward than Tennessee?

Senator Ted Cruz is a Canadian born Cuban there.

May you be touched by his noodley appendage.


2018 and Nazis are openly on the street of America

and America is asking for hate speech to be protected by the UN because Nazis have feelings too? Nazis are not nice and they do not work or play well with other demographics, all of whom have rights, including to exist without interference or obstruction by other citizens and most of all, not the government.

America can’t claim they won WW2 anymore.

Operation Paperclip Informs

Lest We Forget

Stop calling them “white Nationalists” because that makes them seem like somehow they are Patriots and the rest of us aren’t. Call them Neo-Nazi or White Supremacists. I feel wholeheartedly that they are NOT patriots. They are hate groups and any word that lessens the extent of their hate is wrong.


I call them those who make being white embarrassing

they use the word to claim it and they are saying people who are different are not patriotic

and frankly, knee jerk blind patriotism is the problem of nationalism
no matter what named nation.



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Our Daily Elvis for July 12, 2018

Our Daily Elvis

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Elvis

Daily Elvis: July 12

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The Updated for 2018 are:

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  2. Our Daily Elvis, along with:
  3. the following updates to the original Daily Elvis Post:


Milton Berle, Mr Television, who featured Elvis twice on his popular network TV show in 1956, was born. He died in 2002.

Tupelo, Mississippi


Memphis, Tennessee

1949 – 1977

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era


see highlight below

Scotty Moore – First Management Contract for Elvis

1954 Sun Record Company – elvis presley museum

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

July 12, 1956

Elvis remained in Biloxi for most of July. Elvis and June went for some deep-sea fishing on the Aunt Jennie with June’s mother.


Romance: June Juanico

Elvis Presley : Ocean Springs, MS. : Thursday, July 12, 1956

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Probing Alien Encounters


lack of alien contact shows that aliens are intelligent, indeed.


I agree. The only “aliens” these idiots are used to seeing are those you see on Star Trek and Star Wars.


Nope, Bigots see aliens all the time, they are deathly afraid of difference, mostly they’re pod-people


I think they claim aliens so they can talk about being anally probed in a safe space way


We’re probably their soap opera…


Armageddon: The Musical by Robert Rankin

and 2 more books in the trilogy

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Godbots: God Botherers 2.0

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not too sure I WANT to inherit the Kingdom of God; sounds like a lot of (extra) responsibility to me. After dealing with my own adult life, I really want to minimize the responsibility thing in the afterlife. Just give me my harp and a small, quiet cloud, and I’ll be happy. And really, I appreciate the fact that you’re so concerned for my eternal soul, but why don’t YOU worry about YOUR soul and I’LL worry about MINE? Thanks.


I freaked out JWs at my door when I said it was clearly better to not be one of the 144,000 getting into heaven, because that has responsibilities, while the other has just the perks, after rapture heaven on earth

if only I had knowm about the not contaminated by women, so they are really saying only gay can be one of the 144,000

Remember: these are the ideological and/or biological descendants of people who believed that God told them it was perfectly acceptable to buy and sell black people like horses or ploughs.


any people one could conquer, really


Evolutionary biology certainly disproves it. 🙂

biology does not disprove religion. Anthropology does.


biology studies living organisms and their habitats

anthropology studies what people do


I would disagree with both of you. I don’t think anything can “disprove” religion. Certain historical claims, e.g. the Garden of Eden, the young earth, or the sun standing still for Joshua, can be disproven as matters of science. But religion is not science. Religion is comprised of the stories that people tell which lend meaning to their lives. I don’t think such stories can be disproven in any rigorous way.


you lack intellectual rigor,

religion proves a poor framework and only exists today because it has been protected and subsidized by government

on it’s own, it could not compete in the marketplace of ideas

it’s why religions plagiarized each other, easier to sell something familiar

kinder gentler crusades and inquistions

the burden of proof is on the religion of it’s claim

atheism is rejecting those claims

skepticism is doubting the claims

cynics is doubting the claimant, because religion is money for nothing with altar boys for free.


So if I said

“The story of Daniel in the lion’s den teaches me to be courageous in the face of danger”

what kind of proof am I burdened to provide? Does the story have to be historically true in order to have value?

If I said

“The story of Ebenezer Scrooge and the visitation of the three ghosts teaches me that I should be generous”

again, does that lesson become less valid, because Scrooge is a fictional character, and that story never happened in reality?

Just curious………………………


it’s not an if, you did post two examples of fiction with the story takeway message. and neither story has any meaning for modern life

don’t bother what little wildlife remains and ghosts are not real.

being kindly to others is it’s own self evident reward and no story is needed,

George Washington did not cut down a cherry tree

that impacts the ethics of the lesson

if you were curious, you would not be religious.

religion is answers that may not be questioned

while science is questions likely not to be answered in our lifetime

how do you maintain your cognitive dissonance that religion has any good, article after article, demonstrating religion is oppressive, abusive and not compatible with democracy or equality.

article after article, pedophile priests, violence against LGBTQ, oppression of women, breaking the USA Supreme Court and the theocratic attempt to take over American’s nuclear arsenal

but you want to tell fiction stories about being brave or nice?


I posted two fictional stories. Agreed. But “Neither story has meaning for modern life”? Really??

The meaning they have for modern life depends on the meaning makers, does it not? It might not be meaningful to you, because you’ll never experience a lion’s den or a ghost. But they might be meaningful to someone who says

“The lion’s den was sorta like that meeting I was in. I was surrounded by angry executives demanding to know why we missed the delivery date. They wanted blood. If Daniel can be courageous in the face of lions, I can be courageous and face down angry executives.”

We live in a world of metaphors. And you, dear Nina, don’t get to choose the metaphor, or define the meaning that someone else pulls out of a story.


“dear christopher”

it does not even matter what I post

you just keep on with your talking points.

in person, do you watch to see when people’s lips stop moving so you know it’s your turn again?

religion is mental illness and it’s not the first time I have told you that I am not interested in your religious opinion.

why are you incapable of understanding that or accepting a “no” ?

perhaps being in the real world rather than a metaphor would be a start.


Just because I read your talking points doesn’t mean I agree with your talking points.

You are “not interested in [my] religious opinion”. Funny I thought I was writing an opinion about meaning and metaphor. But you see everything through anti-religion lens, so that even basic concepts of story and meaning become “religion” to you.

“it’s not the first time I have told you that I am not interested in your religious opinion.” Then don’t listen. And don’t respond. But you don’t own this forum and you don’t get to dictate anyone’s else’s responses.

“Why am I incapable of understanding that”? Perhaps I am quite capable. Perhaps there are other people in this forum who are reading this. Perhaps they have ideas to share. I’m not writing ONLY to you, Nina. Are you a narcissist?

“Religion is a mental illness”?? Show me where that is stated
in the DSM-V and I’ll believe you. Otherwise you’re just another angry
atheist shouting to be heard, but having nothing to say.


you’re a delusional religionist with nothing to say, and you repeat it metaphorically,

I am not interested in your zero sum circle jerk.

Hawaii’s Supreme Court rejects religious excuse for discrimination against lesbians

Imagine if Hawaii had done marriage equality in the 1990s, they were almost the first state do to so.


Almost doesn’t count.


it should make everyone fighting to keep the equality attained angry enough to hold onto it and not allow every single rights gain from the recent marriage equality, to Roe v Wade, to be rolled back to before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (also why the unratified ERA is not okay because there is a patchwork of laws that address some issues and are not enforced or applied, and easily sweep aside in a theocracy take over)

Hawaii’s early marriage equality attempt was particularly brilliant

the learned that the “Moral Majority” religious group of the era had not registered in Hawaii, so, they registered the name as a group for equality.

learning from almost successes and failures and passing along knowledge is what is needed more in the LGBTQ community.

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