Sunday Morning Outing

Today, my Mom and I did a Mall Walk. Okay, it was walking in between stores at the mall.

The line up at the Tim Horton’s was about a half hour, so we walked through the mall.

At the food court, they were cleaning up debris from some event.

My Mom asked the Mall employee, who said it had been a Employee Bring Your Family To Work Social Event.

“Ugh,” I said, “I’m sorry, that’s only marginally less painful than The Office Party.”

So the first stop for me was the Jugo Juice for a wheat grass with pineapple chaser.

My Mom looked at the face I made, it’s not the same in person without doing that video; and so I said “It’s not for the taste.”

We walked a bit more and I got a buzz from the oxygen content; and a warm flush from the nutritional content — so when she went into the Chain Store at the mall, I went into Maxim’s and picked up two wiener cheese buns; a protein starch dairy all in one — one for me and one for my Mom.

Maxim’s Bakery | Central City

Map of maxine's bakery

We walked by a store that had large prints of paintings, and I asked what the building temple structure was in the one on display – and had an unexpected coming out to a stranger.

It was the Golden Temple in Pakistan he explained.

I knew it was not the Taj Mahal, and he physically had a reaction to the India part.

so I talked about the domes and the architecture to my Mom

and he directed our attention to another in the store painting of a man with a large book in the forground and behind him curtain drapes with a water view

The sales mans said that the other painting was of the particular prophet in that very temple, with the sacred book.

“It’s like your book” he said.

“I don’t have a book.” I replied – and I took a step out of the store because my Mom had already left and was heading further down the Mall.

“You’re Christian.” He said more than asked.


He straightened taller and took a surprise breath

“Spiritual?” he exhaled and leaned forward again.

“Nope, that’s just religious light.” I said and took another step and began to turn away; but I stopped and waited to see what the look on his face meant with what and how he said the next word.

“atheist?” it was a question, it carried curiosity and was not said unpleasantly.

“Yes.” I smiled and nodded, then turned and left after my Mom.

We walked more and my Mom went into the Produce Store and I did walking laps around the Mall’s seating area.

By this time, the line up at the Timmy’s was 5 minutes, so we waited this time to use a gift card that my Mom had.

I did had fun in the line up talking to a geeky gal with a Cthulhu – Wikipedia  lapel button on her purse.

As it turned out, the gift card was already zero balance, and the order placed, so we just paid for the two orders of coffee with sausage only biscuit – which did have some sort of butter smear that it didn’t need. The food item was okay, but the coffee drip was ashtray icky. I don’t care for hockey either, eh.

The next stop was a grocery store, where we wandered around.

I saw a young lesbian couple and it reduced my sense of isolation despite not interacting with them.

At the till line up, my Mom sent me to take an item to the shelf and get another of the same – the box was opened.

So I did that and when I returned to the line, there were other people there – another adult pair of Mom and Daughter.

That Mom already held out her hands before I said “Please pass this forward”

I handed her the box and she passed it to my Mom, as I walked to another till so I could walk through to the bagging area.

Once there, I sometimes let the Store clerk bag – but gave him our bags and not the store bags.

I took the already bagged potatoes from him, and the box item that I had switched, saying “Already packaged for transport, we need to reduce waste even if we can’t regulate companies to do so, eh?”

The other adult daughter laughed and so did the Store Employee.

So… that was today.. a day.

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Everyone Society is Shared With


Senate passes sweeping GOP tax plan in early hours of Saturday …

“Stolen Seat”: A Look Back on How Republicans Blocked Obama’s …

Trump Marks a World AIDS Day Without Gays | The New Yorker


“It Certainly had some seductive qualities – shall we put it that way?

What does political responsibility mean? and to whom is one responsible?



We all breath air and drink water;

need security of shelter

which includes not fearing being dragged off and murdered in one’s sleep



Understanding Justin Trudeau’s unapologetic apologies | Toronto Star

Justin Trudeau’s apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians –

Trudeau’s apology to LGBT public servants is straightforward … –

A long wait ends: Trudeau apologizes to excluded residential school …

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Communicating Clearly Across Conflict

Today I did a partly for need and partly for pleasure outing in New Westminster.
It included a stop at the McDonalds at 8th and McBride,
they had an American news channel, CNN on, and I saw that Micheal Flynn is getting 6 months and under a $10,000 fine.
so I went up to the tv on the wall to check again what I saw and I did see it correctly
the scrawl repeated as the anchor interviewed experts of various levels
Professional Observers sharing their observations and also Professionals sharing their analysis
so I said, out loud and to no one in particular
“that’s pretty light for treason”
and there was an older women sitting at the table at the tv who agreed
and then said “still better than if Crooked Hillary got in.”
I had turned to face her as she spoke
and by “Crooked”  I had already rolled my eyes at her
and so I replied:
“Draft Dodging Bankrupt times 4 is not better.”
Then, I walked away from her – leaving that woman opened mouthed in her seat – and out of the restaurant.
I wonder what she would have done if I’d done the whole line
“draft dodging, tax avoider bankrupt x4 and on Trophy Wife #3
brought to you by the patriot family values party”
going there, vs go big or go home eh.
If we can’t talk about politics, religion and sex with people, and we won’t talk about how to talk about these things
then we really need to talk about the disproportional level of who is making decisions for the people who have to live with consequences.
We, The People

Must Not Be the Next President for the whole world’s sake

Evolution is a scientific theory while religion is an opinon


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War on Christmas Count Down

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Originally posted on Nina's Soap Bubble Box:
December 6 – In Memorium ? Remembering the Slain, not the murderer I was driving and tuned into the radio. When I heard about a campus shooting, I thought, “Where in the USA did…

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Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

I haven’t been able to watch it yet.

Canada apologises for historical LGBT ‘purge’ | Canada News | Al …

Justin Trudeau delivers historic formal apology for Canada’s past …

Trudeau apologises for Canada’s discrimination against LGBT people …


I can’t really say that I feel that the word really had any meaning;

particularly when limited with time restrictions and no commitment to action

The Canadian War on Queers

The RCMP Apology

BCHRT: Completing the Complaint

Small Government or Potty Police

Object Lesson: Municipal Level

Dear Toronto Police

Dear Toronto Police: Again

Toronto Police and Learning Consequences

Toronto Police vs LGBTQ gets a twist

Police in Canada

Black Live Matter vs Pride vs Police: Vancouver Edition

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Existential Crisis: Oh What a Feeling

It feels like you are always falling down

drowning would be another good analogy

being let down, push around and shoved in the proverbial it.

even when lying down flat on the floor in a comfortable position

sinking, shrinking, shriveling up

I tried to search on line for words to put to the sensations

that lead me to breathing and meditating

but those are words again

not the flickering of the monkey minded

what is the word one is with on the breath

intake and outflow

hot to cold, temperate to tepid

blood saliva and sweat tears

density and salinity

mindful of the body that supports the mind

Everett Klippert: The last Canadian to go to jail simply for being gay

My Life as a Canadian Gay Activist Jim Egan – UBC Library

Key cases in Charter’s young history | Toronto Star

Gay in the military – The Globe and Mail

Joshua Birch, a former air-force captain, was pushed out of the military

Captain Birch – Canadian Human Rights Commission

Trudeau’s LGBT apology and the sacrifices that made it possible 27 Nov 2017

‘I think this could open up a lot of interesting doors’: LGBT community in BC reacts to federal apology 59m ago

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RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

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2/3s Outing Today

We had to do an outing with three stops today.

The first went well, a chain store in a fake village of stores with a parking lot.

The next was at The Mall, where the parking lot was chock a block. Drove in, down one row, turned onto the main road and right out back to the actual road; onto the next stop.

A big Box Store rimmed parking lot.

then, home again, home again

some nursery rhyme nonsense phrase reference eh


agoraphobia eh

I have been going out on doing Official Business stuff or hunt n gathers for about 2 months now, but have been too depressed to blog each one, as I was doing when I went out only rarely when need be.

A Very Canadian Outing


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Raw Recovery Specialist

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