The Diagnostic Manual vs religion

Chelsea Wood

Wow you came out to 500 people11:32

Chelsea Wood

Yes but the anti discriminations aren’t worth their weight here! No one cares and people work around them to persecute and discriminate against us further11:54

They just say you aren’t suitable for
The job11:55

When really you are suitable but they discriminate instead11:55

There will always be ways for these discriminating employer bastards to work around the anti discrimination laws11:55Today

The LGBTQ2 global community and secular atheist communities need to work together.12:11

along with civil rights and labour rights12:11

this is not a joke:

New Messages

Chelsea Wood

What I think needs to happen is the government stamping out religion! But if the government is funding the Jehovah’s Witness religion which I am informed it is then what hope do we have to stamp out religion?1:02

Chelsea Wood

I’ve heard on the grape vine that religion is a control mechanism to gather people together in one mind to form a group of religious haters! Religion should encourage love,peace and acceptance but all it does it cause a division between the LGBTIQA community and mainstream society and a division between them and the religious nuts1:04

Religion is used by the government to control the masses1:05

Chelsea Wood

Religion causes a rift and dividing of unity between the LGBTIQA community and the religious fanatics1:06

Chelsea Wood

Think about this! How many different religions are there out there? The governments master plan is to ensnare people in religion and if they can’t ensnare you in one way of thinking through religion then there is always another way of ensnaring you to join another religion based on what beliefs you have! Quite ingenious isn’t it?1:08

There are many different religions with different beliefs to make sure they get you in one way or another1:08

I couldn’t see
It for the longest time until I finally woke up to myself that all religions are false and misleading1:09

all religions, no matter what time period or civilization have the same zero evidence. there is no basis for supernatural agency and religion is very literally mental illness and needs to be listed by the medical profession in the diagnostic manual.10:35

religion and politics need to not be bedfellows anymore. freedom is the distance between church and state


so…. Cops and Pride Parades with the military gear, eh.

Cop forces trans woman to perform oral sex under threat of arrest, tells her “that’s what you do” / QueertyThe woman provided DNA evidence of the forced sexual encounter, sparking a police investigation…

*Joshua Birch*

Canada’s war on queers in the military – NOW MagazineTwo decades after a campaign to drum gay persons out of the forces was exposed, the victims have yet to receive an official apology

Military to Public Service. Survivor and Other Social and Employee Benefits

*Egan and Nesbit then Brian Mossop*

Gary Kinsman’s book Canadian War on Queers takes on gay issues in government | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment WeeklyAfter 17 years of research, a gay sociology professor at Laurentian University has published a book he hopes will awaken Canadians to decades-long “Canadian state” discrimination against gays and lesbians in the name of national security.

From the 1950s to the late 1990s, agents of the state spied on, interrogated, and harassed gays and lesbians in Canada, employing social ideologies and other practices to construct their target – people who deviated from the so-called norm – as threats to society and enemies of the state.

Reconstructed from official security regime documents released through the Access to Information Act and interviews with gays, lesbians, civil servants, and high-ranking officials, The Canadian War on Queers offers a passionate, personalized account of a national security campaign that violated people’s civil rights and freedoms in an attempt to regulate their sexual practices. Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile disclose not only the acts of state repression that accompanied the Canadian war on queers but also forms of resistance that raise questions about just whose national security was being protected and about national security as an ideological practice.

This path-breaking account of how the state used national security to wage war on its own people offers ways of understanding, and resisting, contemporary ideological conflicts such as the “war on terror.” It should be required reading for students, scholars, and social activists in lesbian, gay, and queer studies or anyone interested in the issues of national security, state repression, and human rights.

UBC Press | The Canadian War on Queers – National Security as Sexual Regulation, By Gary Kinsman and Patrizia GentileThe Canadian War on Queers – National Security as Sexual

Josh Howard shines a light on the origins of American homophobia in ‘The Lavender Scare’ / QueertyThe new film reveals a hidden chapter in American history about the systematic persecution of gay people in the name of national security…

THAT WAS THEN and this is now. eh

Manuel Santiago5 minutes ago


How does one equate this MF with “religion”

Texas Baptist pastor who advocated executing women for abortion faces child sexual assault chargesStephen Bratton, a 43-year-old recently former Southern Baptist pastor in Cypress Station, Texas, has been charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenage relative over several years. From the Houston Chronicle: 

Stephen Bratton, who resigned…Show Morewww.dailykos.comEmoji

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nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

because this is exactly what religion is. exploiting people with supernatural authority. why are people surprised in 2019? Reply

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

the more pure in public the more the perv in private and worse than what others are accused of and subjected to oppression and genocide for.

Manuel Santiagoa few seconds ago

Cults 1 Reply

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

religions are cults that lost their amateur status and turned professional over time and members. (double entendre intended)


Alex Blue26 minutes ago

That’s sad.

nina tryggvason25 minutes ago

which is a step up from major depression eh.

I have updated the post. let me know what word replaces “sad”

Alex Blue3 minutes ago

It’s sad that people lose their jobs because of their sexual orientation

2 minutes ago

Or because of their gender.

nina tryggvason

any demographic that is a person trait. as opposed to religion which is merely geographic and culturally chosen. where the value judgement that genocide is a social acceptable point of view arises, eh.

Alex Blue7 minutes ago

It’s 2019 and unfortunately the human race has not left the Dark Ages. Will the society ever grow up?

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

nope. when we are aware of civilizations that no longer exist and people think personal views trump professional experts in science. we are going from figuring out planet science engineering to nothing we can do about the north and south poles flipping and losing atmosphere in 200 years to just doomed fatalism of the mass extinction event and fighting over bathrooms OHSTC 10 – Canada.caNina Tryggvason and Transport Canada

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