the internet was invented to get away from people, eh.

today is June 19, 2019…

the start of a new year cycle for me, as I count years in retirement and as an agoraphobic.

I am doing therapy today and this is the first time I am video conferencing therapy

so The Raw Recovery Specialist and as I am feeling now, The Agoraphobic Philosopher

self therapy over social media on line was one thing

now actual therapy over the internet, another. but at least it is with a person and not an app.

there is a reason why i #LestWeForget and post about the American, Canadian 1950s to 1990s Government employee purges

because in 2019. it feels like the 1970s and 1990s had a baby and is still having those what should have been resolved by the end of the Victorian Era social rights battles and religion is very century and decade, why the planet does not have nice things. eh

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