Belief vs Acceptance: the Faith Differential


Supreme Court punts again on religious ‘freedom’ to discriminate against gay couples


Republicans obstructed President Obama for two years from appointing to the Supreme Court, then President Pussy Grabber broke the rules of the appointment process for yet another dangerously unqualified appointee.

RIP America, from pursuing happyness to a theocracy.

Lest We Forget

The logic behind “religious freedom” requires exoneration of murderers. Honor killings are deeply held religious beliefs for some people. How can we justify that business owners have a right to discriminate against clients or staff, but faithful people of another religion can’t go around killing people in the name of their God?

If that example is too extreme, consider how our nation would look if Muslim business owners refused to serve women unaccompanied by men or who weren’t wearing a hair covering? Jewish business owners requiring certain hygiene rituals before eating. Wiccans requiring staff to chant in the name of a goddess before the day begins. It is all just so transparent, and all equally ridiculous.


Christian and Muslim are the same copy of Jewish

it is just a difference in the century of application

“religious freedom” only means christian in America

and why all those laws are court challenged by all the other religions

including modern era protest ones, such as Pastafarian which is now a legal religion


Lest We Forget

The door to our rights was opened with the Stonewall riots, then kicked wide open with the assassination of Harvey Milk. As the old saying goes, once a door is opened, it can never be shut again. Yes, the opposition will try to close it but all their attempts will ultimately fail because we have a fast growing number of heterosexuals that are siding with us and see that if our rights can be taken away, theirs can be treated the exact same way.


” and see that if our rights can be taken away, theirs can be treated the exact same way.”

back in the 1990s, queers were told it would be expensive to give us rights

which does means rights are determined by cost effective for all demographics, and can be taken away at any time

we were also told, there was not enough of us, another argument lacking merit

if rights are for a person, then the only number needed is one

further, the lack of actual counting of us, means that our numbers are unknown

and, now that queer is not something that only white decadent people do, it is not a choice when queer occurs in all ethnic demographics, and even if it was a choice, that is what rights do, enable choices within the personal sovereignty sphere

rights, withheld or denies, demonstrates they are not self evident or inalienable

first one nation, then another

Canada’s Toronto Bathhouses 1980s to military service 1990s to marriage equality 2000s

from nations to the UN, and now there’s almost 30 nations were being queer is not capitol offense.

If any one want to use their BS religious freedom to hold me back. I will use my belief in evolution that says they are garbage and give them a hard time.


you do not believe in evolution

you accept it because there’s evidence and a profession with actual expertise

whereas, religion is the original pyramid scheme
money for nothing and altar boys for free

we have to get away from using one word to mean different things

faith is belief absent of evidence, science proceeds from evidence to conclusions

science is questions that may not be answered
while religion is an answer that may not be questioned

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