Bullies Be Cowards Inherently

Trump uses classic high school bully language to belittle a ‘sissy’ protester

Trump? Trump? Wasn’t he that guy that ducked behind a security guy when someone ran towards the podium during his campaign? Manly man he is…


Did he?

Canada’s last conservative PM hide in a closet leaving the MPs in the room to the Parliament Hill shooter and later claimed he’d been trained to do that

rather than just admit it’s what most people would do


Haha. Yes Nina, he sure did. Well, Trump jumped when he heard the commotion behind him, and grabbed one of the security dude’s arm. Honestly, that was a natural reaction. I think any of us would have reacted the same. It’s what he said afterwards. He wants to act all big and bad AFTER the secret service tackled and led the ‘attacker’ away. Mr. Bone Spurs said….”I was ready for him but it’s much easier if the cops do it.” I can just see the secret service dudes rolling their eyes. LOL!!!


Trump is over 70 and thinks he’s as physically capable as in his 20s
when he was not fit enough for military service

but he has somehow more training than anyone who actually did military service.

it is a fairly common Pale Male delusion more usually known as

the Dunning-Kruger effect


Come to think of it, i’d like a better definition of masculinity by now, the whole ‘prove by conquest and fight’ is seriously messing stuff up..


Me too,

with all the meanings from agreeing with you

to the hashtag one


Thank you, me and my brother were raised by our parents to be as helpful and kind as possible, i am really thankful for that, i can feel appreciated and loved without picking fights. This stuff starts at home. Don’t give up, we’ll get there, one day (hopefully with the help of the next generation) we will start to appreciate each other for our intrinsic value as persons, instead of an arbitrary picking order…


I agree again

when people are secure in themselves

it is easier to be kind and not bothered by others existing


Hehe, there is no shame in being afraid, just don’t project that ‘Tough Man’ image… There’s plenty of other ways to be an useful male. In my experience while growing up, it’s often it’s the bullies that have the most to prove… 😉


it is all bluster and displaying

it is how primates behave

and bullies are cowards who rely on minions and bystanders

people who are secure in themselves are not bothered that other people exist.


Yup, once they get challenged directly by someone they’ve pushed too far the fear response kicks in… 😉


from the schoolgrounds to the workplace



Hehe, also, a world filled with nice, totally different people is hopelessly fascinating,,, But i think we can shake hands on that… 😉


You sound almost Canadian

multiculturalism starts with being curious about others, eh


You’re absolutely right! I wholeheartedly believe in fact-based non-biased education (and some basic sociology thrown in for good measure). The arguments that i encounter from people that want to suppress others are hopelessly ignorant (i’ve seen the trolls on this page). Well, mostly born from greed and fear. Unfortunately, fear generates votes, even here in Europe. The next generation is however far more used to dealing with diversity, so i have hope for a more sensible set of societies at the end of my life… 🙂


scapegoating is a classic tactic.

sadly Orwell’s 1984 is deemed an instruction manual rather than the intended cautionary tale.

and in 1984, (when I was in high school)

a group of Toronto Parents wanted the book “Lord of the Flies” banned because they thought it was about men’s pants.

first books, then people

lest we forget


Yup, i’ve seen many old novels come to life, i just wish they’d skip that one… To think Nazi Germany was just 73 years ago, and already the cycle starts anew… And yes, demagogues need easy enemies. It’s past time we give them a fight for their money… 😉


America’s Operation Paperclip informs as it ends in theocracy.

what we were supposed to Lest Not Forget


It has been an absolute pleasure, i will look up Operation Paperclip, it will be my braincandy for today… 😉


Ahh, i already knew about that one after all, by the way, the Catholic Church has done the same…


yes, Hilter’s Pope, the entire “passion play” was a medieval genre of hate monger through theatre

unsurprisingly Trump Trolls and Russian Bots are now cyberattacking every restaurant named “red hen” across the USA and Canada (in violation of international law and certainly terms of service at the platform and internet service provider access.

so perhaps now that Middle Class White People are impacted

being bullied might matter, eh.


Hehe, ‘a taste of their own medicine’ also called ‘poetic justice’… 😉


too bad the literal can’t comprehend literary

they lack the irony metre and insight into their own behaviour

or impact on others

instead, they oppress in fear of becoming the minority

while whining they are not being catered to

seriously high maintenance, eh?

The two years after the Pulse shooting have shown that queer lives don’t matter


I’ve never understood why anyone would want to join the Nazi party. Why they hate other people who don’t look like them. The thing that bothers me about the Trump administration is that they’re promoting that same hatred in the USA


creepy disaffected males, forming into groups for power

the original Nazi party destroyed the Sexology Institute in Berlin, because they were all test subjects, with serious sexual issues

they were the original Incel group, basically, angry men not getting their way and making everyone else pay for not catering to them

consider that Norway shooter, he did not murder the Muslims he feared, he murdered other Norwegians to punish them and make them afraid – and while he acted alone and did not have a network online of radicalized others, he himself said it was not needed, as they all already had the same christian thoughts.

it is the group think, that we have to not forget and not excuse

people don’t have to all like each other, but they do have to be cooperative, it’s the social contract of the public square.

it take religion to give authority to direct actions of mental illness, being bothered that other exist, have to pee and get to do consenting things with their own genitals.

anyone who claims there’s a universe creating deity, who’s will is unknowable but who is fixated on the genitals of one species on one planet…I mean really.

people should be embarrassed and religion should be taxed.

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