O Canada – community policing to policing communities

RCMP database on missing persons is overdue, over budget

From the North American genocidal occupation of the Americas from North to South – pole to pole aka the western hemisphere https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/the-holocaust-that-dare-not-say-its-name-the-new-world-edition/https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/canada-aboriginal-inquiry-or-actual-action/https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/pm-harper-is-not-a-trekkie-or-a-trekker/     we need to do better Canada, for everyone, eh?     Source: RCMP database … Continue reading

invisibilty visibility

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

I worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 3 years as the workflow analyst and forms designer. I had been working there only a month when a request came into my office to update form ED301 that officers … Continue reading


Fuzz Induced Moderate Panic Attack

Sept 14, 2015 – Agoraphobic Journal I live in the statistically traditional Murder Capital City of Canada. three weeks ago, there was a murder within 16 houses in a crack flop house. before that a gang shootout that resulted in … Continue reading


People are not “illegal” (image free presentation)

Some years ago, I interviewed with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration for an Intelligence Officer position. Each candidate had to prepare a presentation about illegal migration from an International/National Perspective. I didn’t get the job – I was the … Continue reading

Nina Timeline Set July 2013

CanCon: Maple Syrup to Medical Isotopes

Canada’s Contribution, values and resource wise, to the world: We midwifed the League of Nations, which the United Nations replaced. Canada has been the #1 Peacekeeping Force with both Military and RCMP – as actual advisers and trainers to stabilizing … Continue reading

Nina Tryggvason Not Just Another Snivel Servant

LezFlirt: Terrorists, Rapists and Asylum Seekers Oh My!

Elevatorgate’s Rebecca Watson showed the dangers of being a woman in the world – namely that pointing out said dangers in and of itself makes one a target. My Elevator Story I did a flippant post about Rebecca Watson’s Elevatorgate … Continue reading →\

Nina and Lenny Bruce

Will American Refugees Apply For Canadian Humanitarian Aid?

Canada’s Refugee System: which means: Dear America – guess what apparently you can take the human out of the ocean, the Savannah jungle and forests, but you can’t get him to act humane eh? religion is a mental illness people. … Continue reading

three hats

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