Again with the O Canada

 because putting flags on gas pumps is more important than  Measures Canada making sure the pumps are accurate?
 Which, those stickers have Canada flags on them
'Mark my words': Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion will proceed, Alberta premier vows
Dear Alberta

You are not the boss of BC, actually, we’re not sure who the boss in BC is currently.

+Joan Poh

BC is gonna get nasty, the NDP/Greens made a coalition and the BC libs are going have to be procedurally removed

B.C. premier to face legislature, acknowledges government likely to fall
this is the weirdest election, this why BC is called flakey by the rest of canada
B.C. Greens and NDP officially agree to form a stable minority government for the next four years.
B.C. New Democrats get support from Greens to form minority government | Toronto Star
Kinder Morgan Canada shares fall in debut amid political uncertainty in B.C.
EXTENDED: PM Trudeau comments on B.C. Greens, NDP fighting against Kinder Morgan pipeline: #cdnpoli
Canada’s next big export will be making most of the air
What the World Will Look Like 4°C Warmer
What the World Will Look Like 4°C Warmer
May 30, 1989…Student demonstrators erected the 33-foot high Goddess of Democracy statue in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

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