Why is Consumerism a Statutory Holiday?

Canada has some thinking to do about what kind of nation we are;  now that we’ve discovered that we have an international reputation, eh?

We have said that we are a mosaic, a multicultural nation.

So why are one religion’s holidays government supported?

Either all or none and none is better and the only fair thing.

Religion is a personal matter and  should have only access to the public square; BUT religion absolutely has no place in public policy.

Scribes: The Origins of Bureaucracy

Canada eh and Oh Canada

O Canada? can we talk about the Governor-General

Today’s news aversion therapy:

The Globe and Mail
The NDP, Bloc Québécois and Green Party, but not the Conservatives, argue the government grant ensured parties had appropriate funding
He need’s to be charged for selling out Canada for money in his pay for play scheme’s
Canada’s Obama.
how about no parties get government money – it’s donors and membership fees and no corporations.
Majority of Canadians support replacing 24 Sussex: Nanos poll: More than 50 per cent of Canadians surveyed think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should consider tearing down his childhood home in Ottawa if it’s cheaper than a $38-million renovation
do people not understand that this is an historic building that is Canada’s history?
Nah… Don’t worry about it. Canada is only about 20 years old. .
Waste of money. Tear it down and build some gaudy Liberal avant guard style palace, preferably designed by some Parisian for $20 million.
Fill it up with homeless PhD’s.

Trudeau needs to stop putting Canadians in more debt…and make do…
Hey get use to it, remember Socialism is great until they run out of everybody’s else’s money.
Just look at Greece, Spain, Portugal and italy, they’re in dires
Another corrupt Nanos poll. It was good enough for Harper but not for our new prince stupid.

Canada is 1 year younger than lamp posts, but still.
Canadians need to take more pride in their heritage.
Image result for canada peacekeeper meme
In the minds of Canadians, their country’s reputation on the world stage has improved under the Trudeau Liberals, according to a new poll.
Survey suggests Canadians see better world reputation under Trudeau Liberals
Survey suggests Canadians see better world reputation under Trudeau Liberals
  • Jaclyn McGrath Deaner's profile photo
    Who did this survey?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    we used to be #1 peacekeeper, but under Harper we dropped to #62 and now we’re improving. so it’s not just surveys and not just Canadians, eh
    Image result for canada peacekeeper meme
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