Atheist Holiday: None or All Multiculturalism

Mike Weatherby+1
Bankers put out welcome mat for LGBT customers | Crain's New York Business
we’ve been a market niche for a while, so it’s overdue to be noticed as a community with financial leverage
The rainbow belongs to everyone on the planet, not just to them.
+Barbara Ells “them”? oh, you must be one of those who can’t share, if you think you can them anyone, eh.
you know what Christian used the rainbow flag in the 1970s? Jim Jones, and look what he did with it.
As mentioned, this group is not the sole owner of the rainbow. The rainbow is an event created by nature. Many groups use trees as their symbol, or the sun also. Nature’s symbols belong to everyone, so if you see a flag or emblem of the rainbow, it is not necessarily about this particular group.
+Barbara Ells it is for everyone, and that includes LGBTQ2. so why are you whining?

+Barbara Ells in the words of my Prime Minister, – Trudeau unapologetic after telling heckler, ‘Your racism has no place here’

Trudeau unapologetic after telling heckler, ‘Your racism has no place here’
+Nina K Tryggvason Oh, no, not the racism card. So 1960s! We are in US, a mixture of all races. It seems that this LGBT group adopted the rainbow for themselves. We think the rainbow is synonymous with something beautiful, not someone’s sexual orientation. That is why I am winning.
+Barbara Ells whining more like. you need to learn to share, there’s more than 7 billion people and only one of you.
and you don’t know who Jim Jones was or how it abused the rainbow, eh.
repeating your talking points and claiming victory is not winning, it’s regular internet trolling.
+Nina K Tryggvason Don’t let it get you down😊
+Barbara Ells boring trolls never do. you’re just popcorn for my blog.
so I guess it will be a sad day for you when President Reality TV host is perp walked from the white house for treason and money crimes?
+Nina K Tryggvason I ve been called a lot worse than that.
+Barbara Ells as a Canadian, I am not surprised that you enjoy being called out, as if being thought of poorly is a badge of honor. I am not interested in feeding your attention seeking insecurity or your christian control freaking martyrdom in your manner of zero sum circle jerking.
have you been called a “Godbot” yet? I am curious to know how far the term has replaced religitard.
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