Multi-Culturalism at The Office

Working in an office during the holiday season is often the time period that a person can get the most done – without the sounds of other people and disruptions.

I was the only employee in the quadrant and one of the sub-contracted cleaning employees came by.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her sampling chocolates from the various cubicles that had them out.

She was from Somali, and that the time, I knew her name – this story is from 2007.

When she got to the workstation that had a box of Brandy Beans out, I said

“You shouldn’t eat that.”


She looked at me shocked and ate the chocolate, swallowed and then said, slightly hurt “but aren’t they out for everyone?”

“Yes, they are, and not because you’re cleaning staff, but because those particular chocolates have alcohol in them.”

Relief and surprise mixed on her face and then she covered her mouth and started laughing.

She had never had alcohol – and had no idea it would be in candy – and then she explained how much fun the cleaning staff had had over the nightshift of 21 floors – most of which were done at night, only the 5 secure floors were done in the daytime.

Green Roof at Library Square

Being culturally aware is a complex idea of having a degree of self awareness as an individual of demographic interacting with an individual of another.

Rights are not what one asserts, but rather, what one extends, eh.

Greening the City Scape

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