Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

I haven’t been able to watch it yet.

Canada apologises for historical LGBT ‘purge’ | Canada News | Al …

Justin Trudeau delivers historic formal apology for Canada’s past …

Trudeau apologises for Canada’s discrimination against LGBT people …


I can’t really say that I feel that the word really had any meaning;

particularly when limited with time restrictions and no commitment to action

The Canadian War on Queers

The RCMP Apology

BCHRT: Completing the Complaint

Small Government or Potty Police

Object Lesson: Municipal Level

Dear Toronto Police

Dear Toronto Police: Again

Toronto Police and Learning Consequences

Toronto Police vs LGBTQ gets a twist

Police in Canada

Black Live Matter vs Pride vs Police: Vancouver Edition

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17 Responses to Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

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  12. dykewriter says:

    Alex Blue
    9 hours ago
    This is a historical moment.
    The next historical moment will be, allowing women, LGBTQ2PIA+ to be prime ministers, regardless of what they are born as or into, etc. Yes, even if they are atheists, agnostics, pantheists, etc……

    nina tryggvason
    a few seconds ago
    it was a such a moment.


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