Dear RCMP re women

The Apology is a start but $100 Million is not gonna cover it.

National Post

See realtime coverage

‘He wanted it to be meaningful’: Idea for historic RCMP harassment apology born in 2013

National Post  – ‎15 minutes ago‎
The issue dogged Bob Paulson from the day he was appointed RCMP commissioner in 2011: how to stamp out pervasive allegations of harassment and discrimination against women in the force.

and Maybe, just Maybe, the Managment Employees need to be responsible for funding the compensation

in addition to the employer

RCMP formally apologizes to female officers subjected to sexual harassment Add … 

Mounties to offer up to $100M compensation for harassment, sexual abuse against female members – Politics

CBC.ca15 mins ago

RCMP allows Muslim women Mounties to wear hijab – Politics – CBC …

Aug 24, 2016 – Gagnon said the RCMP developed a hijab for applicants or serving female members of the Islamic faith, reflecting “the diversity of the RCMP’s …

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Queers and Governments


How to make the world better: USA

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