Anxiety Attack Managed, Panic Avoided

Today was different than other days.

Today, I started my online with an email.

which generated a phone call, that my Mom answered and I took.

then a few more emails

I prepared a physical package

a Courier dispatch


my day at home felt like a working day

a moment of normal

in a world become surreal.


Then it started, the doubts and voices of the doubters

victim blame and victim shame

gaslight into darkness


I went onto the back porch

the courier arrived and my Dad handed over the package


I stood there breathing in the cold wet air

until there was a numbness equilibrium

mindful of toes and fingers


stillness and breathing indoors

in and out, shake it off

distract distract reduce and simmer


panic averted, I …breathed

anxiety managed, I … exhaled

in and out, repeat until automatic


The RCMP Apology

Dear RCMP re women

Accessing Government Data: CSIS

In A Word: Diversity

When Apologies are not Enough

Meanwhile, in Canada eh…

Human Rights: When do we want them?

Starting a Human Rights Complaint

“Based upon the information provided by the RCMP, there may be as many as 20,000 females who qualify as primary class members,” the judge said.
Women’s sex-harassment suit against RCMP certified as class action | Toronto Star
Women’s sex-harassment suit against RCMP certified as class action | Toronto Star


and also:

HRC: Translink

Translink: Second Level

Dear Translink re: The JWs


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