Today, I Paid for Registered Post

I took my Mom on a hunt n gather 2 stop shopping trip.

At one strip mall, there was a Pharmacy with a post office counter.

I paid a retail employee for a government service.

It was my Me vs Transport Canada Federal Human Rights 3rd attempt to activate my claim.

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Then, I stood on the back porch and had a puff and also blew bubbles.

The young children of the downstairs family had seen the bubbles yesterday, so today it was 3 toddlers on their upper back porch. They called out “Hi!” their best new word.

I said “Hello” first and then waved and said “Hi!” – this caused waves back and jumping in excitement of adult attention. Appropriate attention from a neighbourhood adult. Vauge indulgence because they are very little people who are forming their impression of the world around them.

I blew bubbles from a wand that I waved with an arm,

and also a wand that I had to blow breath through.

Then, I went inside and online and accessed email.

heavy sigh

The RCMP Apology

Dear RCMP re women

RCMP v Women: Class Action

RCMP: Memorials and Ribbons

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

RCMP database on missing persons is overdue, over budget

Dykewriter Action Update

The Canadian War on Queers

Good news for me, I am getting on the lawyer’s call schedule.

then, there’s this…

Shoppers 2 and a List To Do

Dear Shoppers Draft Letter

Translink and BC Human Rights

Translink and The Last Straw

Translink: Second Level

HRC: Translink

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