The anti-climax Post Office Outing

Feb 18, 2016 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary

I went out this morning with both parents, they had errands and I went to the sub-postal outlet at the Pharmasave on 10th in New Westminster.

I mailed my human rights complaint package and three page outline in. So, now there’s a business standard of 4 weeks, which given government, understand to be 6 to 8 weeks in people time.

In early december, I had been told on the phone to expect the package, but the actual arrival was late January 2016.

Hmm… dear readers should understand that these are not complaints but statements of understanding of the inside process, the concept of lead times of file matters of types of files over workload, workweek schedules and the Budget Period Designate vs civic holiday schedules.

Nina gagged on stress

The last week has been stressful having to balance details without tripping my own triggers… I wonder if Ginger Rodgers was afraid she’s be taxidermied… wait.. Fred and Ginger.. she did everything he did in heels and backs… Fred and Ethel… I Love Lucy sidekicks….dammit MTV and pop up video #@#&$gilmore girls….

Roy_Rogers_and_Trigger roy rogers & trigger 1940 - by roman freulich. Scanned by Frederic. Reworked by Nick & jane for Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: Enjoy!

I mailed my package to the Human Rights Commission in Ottawa, $21 for tracking and registered signature at the other end.

Then, I treated myself to a latte at the Season’s Apple Cafe. 🙂



8699 10th Avenue  Burnaby, BC


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not paranoia wehn there is paperworkFailure Pride

when I was a kid in the 1970s in Canada, I loved going to exhibition park with my Dad to watch the horses race and on saturday afternoons, there would be a cowboy movie on tv.

I used to want to be a cowboy and my Dad explained to me that cowboys were just farm hands and that not only was the wild west was over, the pony express had only run for 18 months.

but I didn’t want to be a gunslinger or a small town sherriff, those were not the characters that I enjoyed in the movies, it was the Federal Marshalls who brought more than the mere law of the land possible by being the faster or more accurate shot.

03-rbg-meme-vogue s-l300 dangers-of-the-canadian-mounted-movie-poster-1948-1020673750 Canadian-Bacon_2 canadian-mounties-vs-atomic-invaders-movie-poster-1953-1020550364

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