Agoraphobic Outing – June 17, 2016

I was able to be out for over 5 hours without getting anxious about it. so YAY ME.

All missions accomplished in terms of errands.

The Regency Medical Supply place on Canada way was astonishing in their array of in home medical devices and an elderly man spoke to me.

The staff were all weirded out that I was just sitting quietly while my Mom was served.

There was something comforting about being surrounded by medical, first aid and other type products. it almost didn’t seem like an outing at all.

A latte from the Cafe was soothing.

Lunch at Fatburger downtown, Dispensary and Puff – I almost forgot to get my medical records for the next phase of the human rights complaint.

Starting a Human Rights Complaint

The anti-climax Post Office Outing

Human Rights: When do we want them?

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3 Responses to Agoraphobic Outing – June 17, 2016

  1. David K says:

    My mom had Agoraphobia and I may have had it as well. I went through a time of anxiety and panic attacks, I would be at a supermarket and suddenly feel like I was panicky, I walked around the block with my wife and …felt panicky. At times of stress, I felt like my chest hurt and thought I was having a heart attack. We went to Target one day and the panic arrived but it was the first time I realized the trigger. I told my wife that I was going to walk around the back walls of the store until I beat the feeling… and it worked… The next time I saw the doctor, I reported my findings and was able to get a prescription to help me out.
    …sorry for the random response 🙂


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